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Fava Bean Falafel Pitas With Cucumber-Tomato Salad

Falafel is normally made with chickpeas, so this fresh fava bean falafel recipe is a delicious same-but-different take on what you might be used to. The rest of the falafel ingredients are pretty traditional: the favas are combined with garlic, cilantro, lemon zest, parsley, and shallot, plus cumin and coriander. Those are then shaped into balls, toasted in a skillet and finished in the oven for a healthier, baked take on falafel. Tuck into warmed pita pockets with a cucumber-tomato salad and serve with iced mint tea or light beer.

Five-Spice Lamb Chops With Snow Pea Salad

If you’ve been looking for the world’s best lamb chop recipe, the search is over. First, the rib chops are marinated in a soy, honey, and five-spice blend that infuses the meat with a medley of delicious flavors. Then, you’ll cook the chops until they get a crispy crust. Note that the sugar in the marinade might make the lamb brown more quickly than normal, so keep an eye out as you sear them. The lamb is paired with a green salad with snow peas, which is dressed up with a gingery vinaigrette, cilantro, and scallions. This dinner is light, refreshing, and ideal for a spring night when the weather is finally warming up again.

Big Batch Grain Medley

Here’s a great shortcut for your weekly meal prep: cook an ancient grain medley instead of three separate batches of grains. This multi grain medley recipe combines three different grains: brown rice, semi-pearled farro, and quinoa. Each of the grains is high in fiber but offers unique nutrients, plus the three sizes mean a variety of textures in each bite. What makes this method smart is that you’ll cook the grains in the same pot but add them at different intervals to account for size differences. This ensures none of the grains are under or overcooked.

Savory Oatmeal with Spinach and Poached Eggs

A simple savory oatmeal with egg and spinach is the breakfast you didn’t know you needed in your life. Cooking the oats in the skillet with the onions gives them a risotto-like texture, and stirring in a generous pile of Parmesan makes the oats taste really cheesy and rich. Finish the bowls off with a poached egg, baby spinach, chives, and of course, more Parmesan for something seriously brunch worthy. If you’re nervous about poaching eggs, a fried egg would taste equally great here, too.

Black Bean-Oat Burger

These easy vegan black bean burgers are shockingly easy to make, especially considering the recipe has no eggs to bind the mixture. To make the patties, you’ll pulse two cans of black beans with oats, garlic, soy sauce, and chili powder. Stir in some scallions, shape into patties, and voila! Dinner. Seriously simple, right? If you’re gluten-free, swap tamari in for the soy sauce, and double check that your rolled oats are certified gluten-free. These simple black bean burgers can be shaped into patties and frozen if you want to get ahead on meal prep for the week. Just make sure to defrost before cooking.

Coffee, Oat, and Maple Smoothie

This easy coffee smoothie recipe combines all the things that are good about mornings in a healthy package. First, you’ll make a combination of milk and oats to soften them into an oatmeal-like consistency. The softened oats and milk get blended up with banana, cold-brewed coffee, and maple syrup for a delicious twist on the standard breakfast smoothie. Cold-brewed coffee is usually in the refrigerated drinks section of grocery stores. But, if you can’t find it, you could also substitute chilled home-brewed coffee or espresso.

Broiled Shrimp With Spicy Pea Puree

In spring, peas are gloriously abundant, so why not enjoy them three times over? In this easy shrimp and pea recipe, you’ll use both shelled English peas, fresh sugar snap peas, and pea shoots. Fun fact: sugar snaps are actually a cross between snow peas and garden peas, making them both crunchy and sweet. Paired with broiled shrimp, this dinner comes together quickly and looks elegant enough for company. Cooking tip: The shrimp cook very quickly, so don’t step away from the broiler.

Skillet Spanako“pea”ta

Classically made with a spinach-feta cheese mixture, this easy spanikopita pie recipe adds in a generous serving of fresh spring peas, making it taste even fresher than the traditional kind. You might be used to seeing spanikopita in individual triangles of phyllo, but this method is even easier: you’ll use one skillet to make the filling, wipe it out and line the entire pan with phyllo dough, then add the filling, and finally another golden brown, butter top of phyllo. This would be great as an appetizer, or equally at home alongside roasted lamb or spiced chicken.

English Pea and Parmesan Barley Risotto

This creamy Parmesan risotto with peas recipe is a modern take on the classic Italian method. Instead of arborio rice (a starchy short-grain rice that is traditionally used), you’ll use pearl barley. Cooked in Parmesan broth and finished with a hefty serving of Parmesan, this pea risotto is comfort food made elegant. Plus, there are two servings of peas—both fresh English peas and pea tendrils on top. You’ll use ½ cup of white wine in the recipe, so why not pick out an extra nice bottle to serve alongside this pea risotto? It’s worthy of company or date night.

Radicchio Panzanella With Charred Snap Peas and Beans

Panzanella is a crouton lovers’ dream come true. It’s salad, but with a ton of olive oil-coated, toasted bread tossed with vegetables—in this instance, snap peas, green beans, radicchio, and a hefty serving of herbs. The panzanella dressing is a mixture of red wine vinegar, red onion, and a tiny amount of honey, which helps cut through the naturally bitter radicchio. Thankfully, if you’re wondering what to serve with panzanella the answer is easy: almost every protein pairs well. Quick options include grilled chicken or salmon, or for a hands-off main, try a slow-roasted pork shoulder.