Exactly How to Cook Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs Just Right

Yet another recipe that proves the Instant Pot can truly do it all.

Instant Pot Hard-Boiled Eggs
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Instant Pots are the holy grail gadget for cooking everything from slow-cooked pulled pork to perfect hands-off rice, creamy yogurt, and yes, hard boiled eggs. Hard boiled eggs were the first thing I ever made in my Instant Pot ($80; amazon.com) and they were the perfect dish to introduce me to the pot’s capabilities. There are widespread debates as to which Instant Pot setting works best for boiled eggs—Pressure Cooker or Steam—so I tested them both out.

While cooking hard boiled eggs in an Instant Pot was not better than other methods I’ve tried, it is a simple, hands-off way to cook this everyday protein bite. The best part of making hard boiled eggs in an Instant Pot is that the eggs were insanely easy-to-peel. After the cooked eggs chilled in an ice bath, their shells came off in nearly one entire piece. Try Instant Pot hard boiled eggs for the sheer satisfaction of easy egg-peeling (plus the convenience of making a large batch of eggs with little work).

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Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs Recipe

Many food bloggers and recipe developers seem to favor using the Pressure Cooker setting on the Instant Pot for hard boiled eggs. Most recipes that used the Pressure Cooker setting recommend cooking the eggs for 5-6 minutes in the Instant Pot. These recipes also followed the 5-5-5 method (5 minutes to heat up, 5 minutes to cook, and 5 minutes to release the steam). Recipes that used the Steam setting recommended a slightly longer cook time of about 8 minutes, which overcooked my eggs. After testing both methods, I found that six minutes was the magic number regardless of which setting you used for perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs. Using the Quick Release method to release the steam also prevented overcooking.

To make Instant Pot hard boiled eggs, follow the manufacturer’s guide for setting up and warming the Instant Pot. Add one cup of water to the Instant Pot then insert a steam rack or steam basket in the bottom of the pot. Add your eggs (you can comfortably fit in at least 10 eggs on the steam rack, though you could do fewer), then close the lid and turn the steam release handle to Sealing. Choose your setting—Pressure Cooker or Steam—and set the timer for six minutes. Meanwhile, create an ice bath in a large bowl. Once the timer goes off, follow proper safety protocol to release the steam using the Quick Release method. Use tongs to carefully remove the eggs from the Instant Pot and place them in the ice bath to chill for five minutes. Peel and serve as desired (here are some of our favorite hard boiled egg recipes).

The Instant Pot produced slightly unevenly cooked yolks and the whites were a bit rubbery. Of all the ways to cook hard boiled eggs, this is not my favorite method. However, if you want to cook a large batch of easy-to-peel eggs in a short period of time, the Instant Pot is a good solution.

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