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6 Creative Ways to Use Halloumi

This Mediterranean cheese tastes a bit like mozzarella, only firmer and saltier. Thread it onto skewers and grill, or crumble it over soup. Since it’s extra firm, you can even sear it right in a hot skillet. The result: golden, crispy cheese croutons that are warm but magically unmelted.

Melted Ice Cream Whoopie Pies

Meet your new obsession. Three. Ingredient. Ice Cream Sandwiches. The key ingredient is self-rising flour, a combination of all-purpose flour, baking powder, and salt. If you can’t find it (or don’t feel like making a special trip to the supermarket) you can make it yourself: for every cup of flour add 1½ teaspoons baking powder and ¼ teaspoon salt. From there, choose your favorite ice cream and start experimenting. We like pints with some texture—chocolate chips, nuts, rum-soaked raisins—but not too much. Too many bells and whistles will make the cookies crumble and nobody wants that.

Coconut Macaroons

The three ingredient cookie can be a challenge. You often have to sacrifice a lovely player, say chocolate, just to get the sugar in the mix. Lucky for us, macaroons are made with just three ingredients anyway. We didn’t have to cheat or play favorites at all. And while we like these sweet little buttons just as they are, we wouldn’t complain if you did dip their bottoms in a little melted chocolate. If you have a small cookie scoop, use it for perfectly uniform cookies, but you can always use 2 spoons to make the mounds.

Cookies ’n’ Cream Fudge

Cookies-n-cream is one of our all time favorite ice cream flavors. Chocolate can be polarizing, vanilla can be plain, but everybody loves cookies-n-cream. So when we figured out how to recreate that flavor with just three ingredients we were pretty pleased with ourselves. The fudge’s base captures everything we love about the iconic cookie's creamy center and because you crush the cookies yourself, you can control how big or small the pieces are. We prefer a fudge with more texture, but if you like a more refined version, just pulse the cookies in the food processor to your desired texture.

Granola Shortbread

There are some of us who never eat granola with milk or yogurt. It’s not because we don’t like it that way, it’s just because we’ve already eaten the bulk of the batch straight from the bag or warm off the sheet tray. The granola never stood a chance. So we’ve got a new plan. We’re going to make a big batch, save half of it for AM eating, and the other half for shortbread making. If we’re gonna snack anyway, it might as well be on a buttery cookie. Think of these like a shortbread-biscotti hybrid; They’ll crisp up during the second bake, making them ideal for dunking in milk.


It’s the love-child we didn’t know we were waiting for: A peanut butter cookie fell deeply, madly in love with those lightly spiced cookies you get on the airplane. And the two never looked back. The same method works with nut butter or Nutella—that’s what gave us the idea in the first place—but spicy sweet cookie butter makes these classics taste at once retro and brand new. If we had a fourth ingredient to play with, we would roll the raw dough balls in some granulated sugar before baking for a little sparkle, but they’re plenty sweet just as they are.

Nutella Cookies

Bake these cookies until they are just set, not firm. That way they’ll still be soft and chewy in the middle even after they’ve cooled. We like the idea of using these to sandwich chocolate or coffee ice cream, but what would really get us excited is another secret layer of nutella inside. Spread a little nutella on the underside of each cookie. Place a scoop of ice cream on top and sandwich, nutella-side down, with another cookie. Serve with a glass of cold milk, or non-dairy alternative for a real treat.

Greens and Potato Bake

This casserole tastes like mashed potatoes mixed with peppery garlicky greens. The recipe calls for steaming the potatoes instead of boiling them. Sounds fancy, but it’s not. The technique causes the potatoes to release less starch, so you’ll rarely end up with gummy results. All you need is a steaming basket. Fill a pot with a few inches of water, fit it with the basket, and cook the potatoes over medium-high until they’re fork tender. Then proceed to mash them with melted butter, warm milk, and salt and pepper like you normally would. Baking them at the end makes for a beautifully golden brown and crispy top layer.

Charred Greens With Lemon

This recipe is as simple as recipes get. So simple, in fact, that it’s almost like cooking without a recipe—but we’ve helped you out with a few small measurements so the results will come out balanced every time. You only need a few ingredients, like lemon, salt, and cayenne, because mustard greens are so flavorful on their own. All you’re doing is charring the leaves (seasoned with some salt and pepper) over high heat in a cast iron skillet. Use canola oil because it has a higher smoke point than olive oil. Then you’re whisking up a quick dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, and cayenne. Finish everything with one more pinch of salt.