Grated Egg Avocado Toast Is TikTok's Latest Obsession: Here's How to Make It

Plus, additional recipes with grated eggs.

Photo: Olivia Barr

TikTok wasn't around when avocado toast burst onto the food scene several years ago and revolutionized breakfast and brunch as we knew it, but that hasn't stopped users on the social media platform from creating a new version of the trendy meal that you're going to want to try. Dubbed grated egg avocado toast, the simplest form of TikTok's latest culinary darling is toast with sliced avocado on top, topped with a hard boiled egg that's grated from top to bottom using a microplane.

The grated egg trend seemingly took off last month, when a TikToker named Sarah Thomas-Drawbaugh, who goes by @healthyishfoods on the app, grated a hard boiled egg over a piece of toast. Thomas-Drawbaugh then posted the below avocado toast video with a grated egg, which has been viewed more than 3.5 million times in less than a month. Since Thomas-Drawbaugh's initial TikTok, thousands of "#gratedegg" videos have been shared on the platform and have garnered nearly 15 million views.

While eggs on avocado toast is nothing new, adding a grated egg to the meal is something we haven't seen before. Grating a cooked egg doesn't really change the egg's taste, but it does give it a texture that's more akin to shredded cheese, instead of that of a typical hard-boiled egg. Since the grated egg exists in many, many pieces, the flavor is much more subtle. If you like adding a hard-boiled egg to your avocado toast, but don't love the overwhelming eggy flavor and occasional chalky texture that comes with it, try grating your egg instead.

Pro tip: Make sure that your hard boiled egg has a solid center. While we love a jammy egg, this trend only works if the entire egg is firm enough to be grated. If the egg's yolk isn't stiff enough, it won't be able to withstand the pressure from the microplane and will leave you with a big mess.

Many grated egg avocado toast recipes on TikTok also include some wet ingredients, since the toast, avocado, and grated egg are a bit on the dry side, especially when combined. To add a different texture to this viral meal, slather some mayonnaise on the toast before you add the avocado (as Thomas-Drawbaugh noted, Kewpie mayonnaise works well here), or use butter and olive oil on the toast. If you don't mind a little spice, reach for the hot sauce too.

As with many viral TikTok recipes, you have the freedom to customize grated egg avocado toast to your liking. Some people prefer to mash the avocado on the toast instead of slice it, while others add some grated cheese to the grated egg mixture because, why not?

And as you may have guessed, it didn't take the TikTok universe long to start brainstorming additional uses for grated eggs, and they all sound pretty darn tasty. We've already spotted a grated egg salad sandwich, grated egg on a bagel with smoked salmon, and grated egg pasta. If you want to experiment with the grated egg phenomenon even further, try grating an egg on top of a salad (a Chef's salad or Caesar salad will work well), or add a grated egg to your next grain bowl or helping of ramen.

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