A BLT's got nothing on this perfectly layered baguette sandwich.  


Credit: Greg DuPree

Recipe Summary

15 mins
15 mins

There's an art to building the best sandwich, and this recipe is the pièce de resistance. Spreading the salted chive butter on both sides of the freshly cut baguette is about more than just gilding the lily-it protects the bread from getting soggy when layered with the tomatoes. A nutty alpine cheese like Gruyère or Comté balances the acidic tomatoes, while a tangle of baby arugula offers peppery bite. But the most exciting addition to this layered masterpiece might be the fried onions, which add texture, richness, and umami to each bite. 


Ingredient Checklist


Instructions Checklist
  • Stir butter and chives in a medium bowl until smooth and well combined.

  • Split baguettes horizontally. Spread chive butter on cut sides of baguettes (about 3 tablespoons per side). Arrange cheese on bottom baguette halves. Layer sliced tomatoes on top of cheese, seasoning tomatoes with salt and several grinds of pepper as you go. Top with arugula and onions. Replace top baguette halves. Slice each sandwich crosswise into 8 pieces for an appetizer or 4 pieces for a main.

Make Ahead

Refrigerate chive butter in an airtight container for up to 5 days. Let come to room temperature before using.