Looking for a cookout menu? Whether you make them for a potluck, a picnic or your own backyard barbecue, these six easy breezy recipes prove that summer cooking is no sweat.

Victor Protasio
Victor Protasio

Garlicky Pan Con Tomate

This addictive appetizer of grilled bread rubbed with garlic and ripe summer tomatoes will keep guests satisfied before the main course is served. Try the toast topped with tuna, capers, and a hard-boiled egg to make a filling open-faced sandwich.

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Victor Protasio

Sweet and Spicy Tomato Glaze

Use this easy glaze as your house BBQ sauce, serve it as a dip, or use it to give ribs, chicken, or tofu a final layer of ta-da! It’s made entirely of ingredients you likely already have on hand but here’s a tip: look for tomato paste in a tube. Instead of needing to transfer any leftover tomato paste from a can into a storage container, the tube stays fresh long term in the fridge and you can squeeze out what you need.

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Victor Protasio

German Beet-and-Potato Salad

Apple cider vinegar and whole grain mustard create the base of the dressing for this take on German potato salad. We added beets for a hit of color and something fresh, but we couldn’t skip the bacon. Beets not your thing? This would work with an equal amount of broccoli in their place. Either way, make this one ahead as it’s even better the next day.

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Victor Protasio

Vanilla Peaches in Rosé

Knew party trick alert: use your grill like a stove to simmer up a flavorful syrup to soak your favorite summer fruit. Try peaches, apricots, nectarines or berries (or a combination!). If you can’t find vanilla bean a splash of pure vanilla extract will do. Jus don’t skip the vanilla ice cream. Got extra syrup? Shake it up with vodka or rum and ice for an easy cocktail.

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Victor Protasio

Kiwi-Cucumber Relish

Kiwi brings an unexpected pop of sweetness and texture to this spicy relish. The green on green tones are so pretty alongside anything it’s paired with. Serve with grilled fish or chicken, sprinkled over pan-seared halloumi, or with poached shrimp. Shopping tip: To test if a kiwi is ripe, press the fruit with your thumb. If it gives slightly, then you know it’s ready to eat.

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Victor Protasio

Crunchy Broccolini With Lemon and Pecans

Roasted broccolini takes on deliciously crispy charred edges in the oven, while a bunch of raw broccolini makes sure this easy side retains bright freshness. Tossed with a fresh lemon-honey dressing, this is a balanced and original approach to a standard green side dish. It travels well too, so go ahead and sign it up for the next potluck.

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