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Cheese Fondue

Nothing brings people together together like a pot of warm, melted cheese. Swiss and Gruyere meld with the brightness of white wine and lemon. Warming nutmeg and spicy cayenne offer balance and kick. Yes, you need a fondue pot, but you’ll be using it to entertain for years to come. The dipping options are endless, just pick your favorites: steamed or roasted vegetables of any kind are great here. Get creative and include fruit, like apples or pears, to the mix. Set out more bread than you might think because no one will be able to stop dipping. This pot of cheese is the perfect excuse to throw a party.

Spiced Carrot Salad

Reminiscent of a Moroccan carrot salad, this shredded carrot salad gets seasoned with a warm garlicky, cumin-spiced oil with a spicy kick. The citrus-plumped raisins add bursts of sweetness throughout. You don’t need to buy an herb bunch if the carrots come with the leafy greens attached. Carrot tops are commonly used the same way you’d use other herbs, so go ahead and roughly chop—they’re packed with potassium, too.

Pumpkin Muffins

We’re a sucker for pumpkin-flavored things, especially when they’re moist and tender and cake-like in consistency. But let’s be clear about something: these are not cake. These are muffins. The only thing that makes a muffin a (cup)cake is frosting. Choose your own adventure, as we invite you to do with this recipe, and yes, you can turn this humble, albeit delicious, muffin into a snack cake with a smear of cinnamon-cream cheese frosting. Or try one of the other riffs. We’re partial to the streusel topping and the dirt bomb versions, both culturally acceptable forms of morning pastry and not technically considered (according to me) cake (see above).

Olympian-Approved Fig Jam Cookies

Fuel your next workout with these sweet treats, which provide balanced, lasting energy—without the sugar.

Holiday Punch

The key to a great holiday punch recipe is keeping the flavor interesting enough, without being too sweet. This Caribbean-inspired punch fits the bill. There’s sweet pineapple juice, tart lime juice, and three kinds of alcohol. Dark rum plays off the simple syrup, Campari adds a bitter touch for balance, and Prosecco supplies a fun fizz. If you want to make the bowl of punch look festive, try making an ice ring in your Bundt pan. Freeze the pan half-way full with ice and loosen by dipping in warm water. Place in your punch bowl before filling so that the punch doesn’t overflow or splash out!

Chocolate Rice Crispy Treats 

Rice crispy treats are usually chewy but these are crispy and irresistible. Mixing silky melted chocolate with coconut oil sets up the chocolate and binds the puffed rice cereal together without the need for marshmallows (no added sugar here!) resulting in very crispy Crispy Treats. Because this rice crispy treats recipe only uses four simple ingredients, reach for a high-quality chocolate bar for the best flavor. Cut the rice crispy treats into squares or bars and keep in the fridge until ready to serve.

Butternut Blondies With Maple Walnuts

Sweet winter squash gives this easy blondies recipe a healthy twist. Sweetened with maple syrup it’s a fall treat not to be missed. Craving that quintessential fall pumpkin flavor? Treat this as a pumpkin blondies recipe instead: simply swap 1 cup of the squash for pure pumpkin puree for decadent pumpkin dessert bars.

Date Caramel Sauce

Can you have your cake, er, caramel and eat it too? With this date caramel you basically can. Dates are high in fiber and contain antioxidants (those magical things that protect your cells from harmful reactions that can lead to disease). Just soak pitted dates in water and pulse them with the soaking liquid in a food processor until smooth (strain it for an even smoother caramel sauce so much like the real thing it’s crazy!). Then drizzle the date caramel on frozen yogurt or fruit, or stir it into oatmeal.

Dark Chocolate Coconut Tartlets

This is a fun excuse to use the mini muffin pan stashed in the cupboards. Shredded coconut forms the crust in this mini tartlets recipe. The tart shell is crisp around the edges yet chewy in the center like a macaroon. Make the nutty chocolate filling with sunflower seed butter or your favorite nut butter for a sweet treat with a protein boost. Be sure to melt the chocolate gently so it doesn’t scorch. No microwave? No problem. To melt the chocolate, place it in a glass or stainless-steel bowl set over a pot of simmering water and stir the chocolate until melted.

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