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Mai Tai 

This pretty Mai Tai cocktail is fruity and refreshing. If you’re wondering how to make a Mai Tai (or what’s in a Mai Tai), you’ve come to the right place. Each one of the Mai Tai ingredients adds depth and flavor to the tropical cocktail. The tart lime juice balances the sweet pineapple juice and orgeat syrup (a sweet almond flavored syrup) offers a base note to anchor the flavors together. Feel free to replace the orgeat with simple syrup and a drop of almond extract, which will mimic the almond undertones. Though we call for dark rum in the recipe, we tested it with white rum and it was just as delicious. Make this easy Mai Tai recipe while you’re relaxing on the beach—or if you just want to pretend you are.

Whole-Wheat Penne With Marinated Feta and Arugula

Yogurt makes this pasta taste creamy without the richness of, well, cream. Plus, the tang marries well with the salty feta. Aleppo pepper is a delicious pepper flake imported from Aleppo, Syria. It’s well worth seeking out for its mellow, even heat. However, if you can’t find it at your grocery store, you can order online from specialty purveyors like Penzey’s Spices or The Spice House. Or, standard red chili flakes can be used in Aleppo pepper’s place. Serve with crisp white wine like Gewurztraminer or Vinho Verde.

Easy Mole Sauce

This smoky and rich sauce takes just about ten minutes to make, and adds unbeatable deep flavor to just about any savory dish. Try serving it over roast pork or grilled chicken or using it as enchilada sauce. We might try adding it to the slow cooker with a hefty pork butt for incredible pulled pork sandwiches. The recipe starts off in a skillet: you cook sliced onion, drained plum tomatoes, unsweetened cocoa, and chipotle chile powder until tender. Then it moves to the blender for a quick puree. You can make it a few days ahead of time and store it covered in the refrigerator.

Wild Mushroom 
and Spinach 
Stuffed Shells

This is the kind of dinner that tastes hearty and comforting without feeling heavy. The mushrooms stand in for the ground meat filling often found in some stuffed shell recipes, and with sautéed spinach, they offer a satisfying portion of vegetables. Since cooking times for the pasta shells can vary based on the brand you use, keep an eye on the shells as they cook, and pull them out when just al dente. This way they won’t be overcooked once filled and baked. You can usually find mixed packs of pre-cut mushrooms in the vegetable section, near the herbs, but if you can’t find them, just substitute an equal quantity of whole mushrooms.

Samoa Pie

The Samoa Pie was born on Pi Day. I was baking an easy 5-ingredient Pi Day pie to celebrate and as I pulled the toasted coconut crust out of the oven, I thought, hey! It’s like a Samoa [my very favorite of all the Girl Scout Cookies]! So I put my head down determined to add a layer of chewy caramel to the creamy chocolate original. Did it work? You betcha. The original pie, while an easy showstopper, is rich: like eating a slice of decadent chocolate truffle with a macaroon cookie crust (cue the sound of Mounds lovers rejoicing). And while adding another sweet layer to the pie might not seem like it would offer balance, it does. The chocolate coconut filling ends up being kind of one deep base note, but an added layer of salted caramel adds a brightness and a salinity that the recovering chocoholics were craving. Make this ahead, just bring it to room temperature before serving for easy slicing.

Pasta, Chickpea, and Chicken Soup With Pesto

Three cheers for a new way to make chicken soup! Using the Parmesan rind to flavor the broth is one of those amazing kitchen tricks that isn’t just an ace-in-the-hole for complex flavor, it also stretch an ingredient’s use further. This recipe includes a homemade almond and herb pesto, however if you want to cut down on time, a high-quality store-bought pesto will work well. Taste before dolloping on the soup—some store-bought pestos can benefit from a squeeze of lemon juice.

The Mini Irish Soda Bread Recipe You’ll Eat All Year Round

I turned a traditional Irish Soda Bread recipe into a fun mini treat, perfect for sharing on St. Patrick’s Day or any day of the year.

I Turned My Favorite Breakfast Taco Into a Cheesy Big-Batch Casserole and the Results Are Insane

Layering corn tortillas, potato wedges, soft scrambled eggs, and more than a pound of cheese makes for a mouthwatering brunch casserole that's re-defines the taco. 

Herb-Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

Roasted potatoes might be one of our favorite ways to round out a meal: half, toss, and stick them in the oven and you’ve got one of the most satisfying sides known to humans. There are a couple of smart tricks embedded in this recipe: lining your baking sheet with foil means clean up is a cinch (but it’s not absolutely necessary so if you’re out, don’t even worry about it). Then, spraying the foil with a bit on nonstick spray means all the herby garlicky bits stick to the potatoes, not the baking sheet. Feel free to play with the herbs: we like rosemary and oregano but you could use parsley and thyme, too.

Pi Day: Creamy Chocolate Coconut Pie

We're celebrating Pi Day with a very easy, very rational 5-ingredient pie.