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Basic Pie Crust

Having a go-to pie crust is a surefire way to become a great home baker, so we're here to teach you how to make pie crust from scratch. A great pie shell is both crispy and flaky, and doesn’t shy away from a real-butter flavor. As for the way to get there? It’s all in the (very simple) technique. The food processor does the hard work of getting the butter into the right size pieces, and then all you’ve got to do is mush the dough into disks. Don’t forget to chill the dough! It’s the key to making sure the shell doesn’t shrink too much or lose its shape in the oven.

Brown Butter & Vanilla Pear Pie

Brown butter is a cook’s best friend—it adds richness and depth of flavor to any food it touches. And, thankfully, it’s easy to make. Simply melt butter over medium heat until it smells nutty, and well, delicious. What you’re actually doing is toasting the milk solids that are inside butter, and those are what give brown butter its name. Here, tossed with pears, apples, and vanilla, you get something wonderfully sophisticated and not overly sweet—perfect for impressing guests. If you want to go the extra mile, serve with creme fraiche or lightly-sweetened mascarpone.

4th of July Sangria

What’s more refreshing than a pitcher of white wine sangria? A fruity, frozen version that’s patriotic to boot.

Hoisin-Glazed Chicken Burgers With Carrot Slaw

Burgers are great, but sometimes it’s nice to mix up what’s between the bun. Here the answer is excitingly original: hoisin-glazed chicken burgers. Simple chicken patties get tons of flavor here, thanks to a finishing glaze of delicious hoisin sauce. Topped with a lime-infused carrot slaw, which has a generous serving of cilantro and mint, too, this burger is not only tasty, but fresh and hearty. If you make the carrot topping ahead, make sure to drain off any extra liquid before topping the patties to avoid making the buns soggy.

Pork Tenderloin With Marinated 
Grilled Peppers

This grilled pork tenderloin recipe is as simple as can be: beyond pantry staples like oil and vinegar, you’ll only need to buy a few ingredients to get to dinner. The pork tenderloin gets a simple salt and pepper rub, and grilled sweet mini peppers are tossed with basil, oregano, and garlic for a fresh take on roasted red peppers. If you’d like to bulk this dinner up, stir cooked couscous or quinoa into the pepper mixture. Any leftovers would be delicious chopped up and tossed with avocado and romaine lettuce for an easy salad.

Make It Yourself: Fresh Salsa

Once you’ve made your own fresh salsa (also known as pico de gallo), you might never go back to store-bought. You’ll start by salting plum tomatoes—known for their crisp texture—to draw out the delicious juices, and then mix in red onion, cilantro, lime, garlic, and jalapeño. As for the heat level, the seeds are the key. Not so into spice? Skip the small white seeds inside the jalapeño. Want to go hot? Keep ‘em in. Serve the salsa with tortilla chips, over fish tacos, or to brighten up your morning scrambled eggs.

Grilled Scallops With Corn Salad

This recipe hides a game-changing grilling tip for scallops: thread them onto side-by-side skewers so they lay flat and are easier to flip. The scallops are paired with a grilled corn and poblano pepper salad, which gets a cumin-spiced lime dressing. Served over salad greens, this light, gluten-free recipe is long on flavor and light on work. Got leftovers? Tuck the extras into tortillas for a twist on fish tacos. Pair it all with some ice-cold beers (and a pool, if you’ve got one) for the essence of summer.

A Month of (20-Minute) Meals

A month of weeknight dinners make it easy to feed your family—in just 20 minutes.

Sweet and Spicy Tomato Glaze

This easy glaze is so much more than “just” a coating for meat. Use it as your house BBQ sauce, serve it as a dip, and of course, it works well on anything from ribs to chicken to tofu. It’s so delicious that it might be worth planning an entire potluck around this sauce, which is a perfect foil for rich and crispy fried chicken and cold potato salad. Shopping tip: tomato paste in a tube is a game-changer for home cooks. Instead of needing to transfer the remaining tomato paste from a can into a storage container, the tube stays fresh long term in the fridge and you can squeeze out what you need.

Garlicky Pan Con Tomate

All hail the ripe summer tomato, potentially a perfect food. Here, the inside of the tomato is the star: the juicy sweet-tart pulp adorns garlic-rubbed, toasted ciabatta, proving that simple food doesn’t mean boring. The pan con tomate can be the main meal (eat enough of the addictive toast and you’ll definitely get full), or top with tuna, capers, and a hard-boiled egg to make a filling open-faced sandwich. The recipe calls for broiling the ciabatta halves, but it’s worth opting for a grill, if you have one. The delicious charred flavor will accentuate the bright tomato pulp.