Watching a ferocious four-hour sports contest requires a couple of things: a comfy chair or cushion, plenty of salty snacks, and a thirst-quenching, edge-dulling beverage. But why serve plain-old beer when you could serve punch? We whipped up the biggest, easiest, most-reminiscent-of-our-junior-year-of-college-est cocktail for game days of all kinds. Change it up as you like, using lemonade or limeade, or a combination of the two. Or take the whole thing in a margarita direction with tequila, limeade, and frozen orange juice. It ain’t fancy, but it’s a winner. We recommend serving it right out of a cooler—especially if you’re parked in the lot—but if you insist, you can class it up a notch and put in a punch bowl. It’s your call.

What You Need

  • a big cooler
  • lots of ice (we recommend at least 2 big bags)
  • a couple handles of vodka or tequila
  • beer
  • more beer
  • a few containers frozen lemonade or limeade concentrate, slightly thawed
  • handful of lemons (optional)
  • did we mention beer? (a case should do it)
  • a thing to stir it
  • a sleeve of plastic cups
  • a lot of friends

Follow These Steps

  1. Fill a great big cooler with a lot of ice (it should be about halfway full). Add vodka or tequila, add beer and lemonade concentrate and stir to combine. Toss a few lemons in there so they know what they’re drinking. Margarita variation
    Substitute tequila for the vodka and use 2 containers frozen limeade and 2 containers of frozen orange juice in place of the lemonade. Garnish with limes.

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