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Easy Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Recipes

25 Fast, Healthy (and Delicious!) Breakfast Ideas

These healthy breakfast ideas are quick to prepare. Enjoy them at home—or as you're sprinting out the door.
By Kimberly Holland

30 High-Protein Dinner Ideas

Bid farewell to protein shakes and protein powder with this roundup of high-protein recipes and foods that you can make from scratch. Dishes include a meaty Shepherd's pie and whole-grain minestrone.
By Betty Gold

12 Winter Soups You Can Make With 10 Ingredients or Less

Because trips to the grocery store are overrated.
By Samantha Leffler

42 Perfect Pasta Recipes You'll Want to Make for Dinner Tonight (and Every Night)

Few pantry staples are as crowd-pleasing as pasta, and we have the easy pasta recipes with all different types of pasta to prove it. From kids to college students to Tuscans and everyone in between, pasta is always the right answer when someone asks, "What's for dinner?"   Why? Because pasta pairs well with so many different foods, flavor profiles, and types of cuisine. Here, we've rounded up the deliciously simple pasta recipes every home cook or pasta lover should have in their repertoire. Options range from crowd-pleasing classics like decadent macaroni and cheese and linguine with garlic and soppressata to fresh takes on pasta salad recipes (eggplant!) and healthier spins on nonna's noodle dishes.   Whatever type of noodle dish inspires your palette, we promise you'll have a delicious dinner on the table in minutes with these easy pasta recipes.  RELATED: How to Cook Pasta Perfectly Every Time
By Betty Gold

Easy Homemade Mild Salsa Recipe

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You'll want to keep this homemade mild salsa within reach at all times.
Melissa Clark headshot
By Melissa Clark

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

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This is one instance where we like to use canned fruit instead of the fresh stuff because those rings are oh so perfect and just screaming for maraschino cherries. But if you’ve got wicked knife skills, by all means, go ahead and slice and core a fresh pineapple to use. You might want to grab a friend when it comes time to invert: slow cooker inserts can be heavy and you’ll need to hold another plate to catch the cake when you invert it. We think pineapple’s intense sweetness acidity goes very nicely with something creamy and fatty like unsweetened whipped cream.
Emily Nabors Hall
By Emily Nabors Hall

How to Make 2-Ingredient Rolled Ice Cream at Home

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Learn how to make the popular Thai frozen dessert at home.
Betty Gold
By Betty Gold

Mai Tai Cocktail

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Learn how to make the best mai tai recipe for a day on the beach.
Paige Grandjean
By Paige Grandjean

Peanut Butter Ramen

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This quick vegetarian dinner is as simple as tossing a package of ramen noodles with a flavor-packed spicy peanut sauce, which slicks each noodle with layers of flavor. Punchy vinegar, salty soy sauce, and spicy gochujang balance the creamy peanut butter in the rich sauce. It’s a flexible mixture, which would taste great alongside grilled chicken, pork satay, or even roasted mushrooms. To turn the noodles into an even more filling dinner, add cubes of tofu, quickly-boiled shrimp, or poached chicken.
By Marianne Williams

Mango Smoothie Recipe

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You'll be surprised how delicious four ingredients blended with ice can taste.
Sarah Copeland, food writer
By Sarah Copeland

Parmigiano-Reggiano Scrambled Eggs

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Honestly, this might be the *only* way to make scrambled eggs.
By Marianne Williams

Cocktail Recipes

How To Make a Classic Amaretto Sour
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We’ve all been there: You buy a large quantity of an ingredient for one recipe, and then you’re stuck not knowing what to do with the rest of it. A common culprit? Amaretto liqueur, which is often used in almond-flavored butter cookies. But after you’ve added one tablespoon to the batter, you’re left with a bottle full of almond-flavored liqueur. Well, now’s the time to try your hand at a new cocktail: a deliciously refreshing Amaretto sour. The “sour” element comes from two types of citrus, freshly-squeezed lemon juice and a slice of orange. Garnish with a cherry for a pretty presentation.Watch the video above to find out how to make an Amaretto sour, and read on for the easy recipe instructions and five ingredients.
8 Tropical Cocktails That'll Make You Feel Like You're on Vacation
Even if you're staycationing, you can get a little bit of that beach vacation vibe going with one of these tasty tropical cocktail recipes. 
Coconut Pound Cake

This is a classic pound cake with coconut flavor—simple to make and even easier to love. Top with a simple powdered sugar glaze and more coconut for an impressive presentation, or slice and serve with macerated fruit. If you have leftovers, cut them into cubes and use in a trifle. Traditionally, pound cakes are made with a pound each of butter, sugar, flour, and eggs. So how does the cake rise without a leavener like baking soda or baking powder? Creaming the butter and sugar for 8 full minutes whips air into the batter, which causes the cake to rise in the oven. You’ll know the mixture’s ready when it’s very pale and fluffy.