Blue Apron's Summer Lobster Box Is the Best Way to Indulge in a Summertime Favorite for Less

 Lobster prices are through the roof, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out.

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Summer Lobster Box

Few pairings in the food world are as iconic as lobster rolls and summer. The two are nearly synonymous in the Northeast where lobster is as abundant as our appetite for the luxury crustacean that's beloved across the world. It's no secret that lobster tends to be expensive, but prices have soared this year. If you've been missing out (thanks, inflation), there's one way to score a great deal on lobster rolls—with ample sides—for just a few more days.

The Blue Apron Summer Lobster Box has everything you need for an indulgent yet surprisingly light lobster dinner that comes together in no time. Plus, at about $30 per serving, this well-rounded meal is a steal when compared to what you'd pay for a lobster roll nearly anywhere else right now. The box is available now, but August 23, the last day to place an order, is quickly approaching.

Summer Lobster Box

To buy: $119;

I'll admit that when I received my box in the mail, I was a bit intimidated by the number of ingredients I had to unload. I was thrilled, however, to not have to make a shopping list, research recipes, or make a trip to at least two grocery stores to buy everything that was in this convenient box. After unpacking, I scanned the detailed and easy-to-read instructions (including the tip to let the butter sit at room temperature), organized my ingredients by dish, and got to cooking.

As someone who cooks regularly, I felt pretty comfortable following along with the individual Blue Apron recipes to make the mayo- and lemon-tossed lobster rolls, warm potato salad, herb butter corn on the cob, and green salad—an actual feast. But I really appreciated the notes on each recipe that indicated how long each part of the meal would take to make and if I should be attending to some tasks while other parts cooked. I might feel at home in the kitchen, but my timing when tackling more than one dish at a time has never been my strength.

It was also helpful and economical to see that all I needed to use from my own pantry was salt and pepper. Those who aren't subscribed to Blue Apron can order the box through the brand's online market, making it easily accessible to anyone looking for a quick and easy meal.

I was able to assemble the lobster rolls just after both salads were mixed and the corn was cool enough to hold, and everything came together in about 45 minutes. But the most important thing is that everything was delicious. All aspects of the dinner from the touch of hot sauce in the lobster rolls, to the crispy onions in the salad, and the herbs in the buttered corn were full of iconic summer flavors and light enough to match the season's heat wave.

If you're looking for a reason to indulge in some affordable luxury meals and savor the last few days of summer we have left, order the Blue Apron Summer Lobster Box while it's still available today.

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