Enjoy your favorite cocktails at home in seconds with this smart appliance. Think of it as the Keurig of cocktails.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated June 18, 2018
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Keurig has completely changed the way many people drink their coffees at home; now, a whole new countertop kitchen appliance is here to do the same thing for cocktails. Meet Bibo Barmaid, a smart cocktail machine that creates mixologist-approved drinks in just seconds. (And looks good doing it, too.)

Similarly to Keurig’s now-ubiquitous coffeemakers, Bibo Barmaid uses pre-made cocktail mixes (distributed in single-serving pouches) to create tasty cocktails on your countertop. Simply fill the machine’s water reservoir, add a spirit (either rum, vodka, or tequila) using a shot glass that is included with the machine, and select a cocktail—Margarita, Cucumber Melon Martini, Rum Punch, Mai Tai, Appletini, and Tangerine Paloma are all currently available, with more on the way.

Once you insert your cocktail mix pouch into the machine, the Bibo Barmaid takes care of the rest, mixing the cocktail pouch and pouring it into your glass in less than 30 seconds. All you have to do is measure out a serving of alcohol, and you can enjoy a deluxe cocktail at home, mess-free.

But can Bibo replace the experience of ordering a drink at the neighborhood craft cocktail bar? Can it upstage a shaker and jigger for at-home craft cocktail enthusiasts? Not necessarily. But if you enjoy a good cocktail at the end of the day and don’t want to devote too much time and energy to finding ingredients, measuring them out, mixing it all up, and cleaning up once it’s all finished, Bibo Barmaid could be exactly the gadget you’ve been waiting for.

Put simply, it makes mixing up and enjoying delicious cocktails at home easy. Plus, if you really want to dress up your drink, you can always put your own twist on your Bibo-made cocktails by adding fresh fruit or vegetables to the drink or as a garnish.

The machine itself is sleek and compact, with a retro silhouette reminiscent of Smeg’s iconic splurge-worthy appliances. It has a narrow base, so it won’t take up a huge amount of counter space, and it’s available in red and black, so you can pick the color that looks best in your kitchen.

Bibo is also launching an Indiegogo campaign June 20 to pre-sell metallic silver models of the Barmaid machine, plus three new cocktail mixes—Moscow Mule, Whiskey Sour, and John Daly. You can check out the Indiegogo campaign here.

To buy either the black or red Bibo Barmaid or the original six cocktail mixes today, you can look at retailers such as Amazon or Bed Bath & Beyond. The system starts at $200 and includes the appliance itself, a cocktail shaker with a shot glass, and Margarita, Cucumber Melon Martini, and Tangerine Paloma cocktail mixes. Extra cocktail mix pouches cost around $2 a piece and are available in packs of 12 or 18.