We Tried 40 Seltzers and These Are the Best

Everyone has a favorite. Is it the taste? The pretty can? We tasted 40 seltzers, sparkling waters (which, FYI, are the same thing), and sparkling mineral waters to get the truth.


Best Sparkling Mineral Water: Gerolsteiner Sparkling Natural Mineral Water


Its tiny bubbles cascade just like champagne. Thanks to naturally occurring magnesium and calcium, it has a subtle mineral flavor that cleanses the palate and pairs well with food.

To buy: $34 for 24 pack; amazon.com.

Photo by Ralph Smith

Best Lime: Polar Lime Seltzer


Seltzer should be refreshing, not sweet. While some brands packed on the flavor, this one stayed fresh with just a hint of lime and tons of bubbles.

To buy: $21 for 12 pack; amazon.com.

Photo by Ralph Smith

Best Lemon: Boylan Lemon Seltzer


We loved this bright and fizzy pick because it didn’t have a chemical aftertaste. Plus, it comes in cute vintage glass bottles.

To buy: $50 for 12; amazon.com.

Photo by Ralph Smith


Best Berry: Schweppes Raspberry Lime


This seltzer stayed bubbly long after the bottle was opened. Its fresh raspberry-lime flavor was the perfect balance of sweet and tart.

To buy: $59 for 24 pack; amazon.com

Photo by Ralph Smith

Best Original: The Mountain Valley Sparkling Spring Water


If you’re thirsty, this one is easy to down quickly (no stinging). It has just the right quantity of medium-size bub- bles. And the glass bottle preserves the crisp flavor of water that’s sourced in the Ouachita Mountain valley.

To buy: $2 for a 1-liter bottle; at grocery stores.

Photo by Ralph Smith

Best Orange: La Croix Tangerine


Others were stale or flavorless. By contrast, this pick reminded us of freshly squeezed orange juice—a bit like a mimosa sans champagne.

To buy: $11 for 12 pack; amazon.com.

Photo by Ralph Smith