On May 8, Aldi is bringing back one of the world’s most coveted rosés.

By Betty Gold and Ananda Eidelstein
Updated May 01, 2018
Credit: aldi.com/Getty Images

The only thing better than a crisp glass of rosé on a summer afternoon is sipping a glass of rosé that tastes a lot more expensive than it is.

In 2017, the Aldi Exquisite Collection Cotes de Provence Rosé 2016 was awarded best rosé under £8 (a little over $10) among at the Great Value Awards (basically the 'Oscars' of wine). It won a silver medal in the main competition, too. A panel of esteemed wine experts awarded the wine top ratings after two weeks of blind taste testing. The judges noted that it tastes of “ripe summer stone fruits with generous acid palate and crisp bright finish.”

Naturally, Aldi supermarkets could barely keep it in stock. But we just got the best news: Aldi will be carrying the award-winning wine again starting Wednesday, May 8th—and a bottle is only $7.99.

This rosé is light and crisp, which makes it the ideal easy-drinking wine for a sticky summer day (or any other day, really). It goes down easy thanks to its fruity floral notes and isn't anything close to being overly sweet. The price point makes it the perfect 'house rosé' so go ahead and grab a few bottles to keep on tap for barbecues or impromptu guests. We recommend enjoying it with little nibbles like these stuffed Peppadews or with this lemony flatbread. For a sit-down meal, a glass of this rosé with an English Pea and Parmesan Barley Risotto is a can't-miss combo.

Aldi is no newcomer to great wine and delicious food. Their Trestoria Rose ($6.99) is also an award-winning bottle, but both rosés are only around for a limited time. If you’re looking to make a more long-term wine commitment, stick with the Exquisite Collection Sauvignon Blanc or the Belletti Prosecco—they're available year-round, have many accolades, and are under $10.

The frenzy for rosé, though, is one that won't go away very soon. Rosé ciders are popping up everywhere—and don't forget one of our favorite warm-weather treats, the peerless frosé.

If you're interested in expanded your rosé horizons further, here are four more perfect bottles for any kind of weather. And if you’re still wondering what in the world is rosé wine or want to school your friends, here’s a cheat sheet just for you.