Our food editors hand-picked the best chili recipes, including turkey and vegan options, just in time for game day and sweater-weather. 

By Ananda Eidelstein
September 07, 2018

As the season shifts colder, your kitchen is going to shift hotter as you start cooking up warm and comforting foods and taking advantage of fall favorites. We rounded up our best chili recipes, including everything from the steps you should follow to make turkey chili to how you can whip up a vegan chili in your slow cooker.

Even if you're no expert chef and have never owned a Crock Pot, these recipes are easy to follow and at least one will be just right for you and your family. Besides, there's no better time to learn to make amazing chili than as temperatures dip and all you want is to stay cozy at home.

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Below are the best of the best– the nine chili recipes that get an A+ from our Real Simple food editors.

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