We tasted more than 100 cans (that was a fun day at the office) to find the best wines to stash in your picnic basket.

By Mary Honkus
Updated May 21, 2019

Canned wines are the perfect marriage of stylish sophistication and casual coolness. They're portable, potable, and pretty—the ideal go-to for summer entertaining outdoors. Canned wines have been popular for a while though, so there are many different kinds out there. To help you cut through the clutter, we took on the task of finding the best canned wines and spritzers out there. Our editors tasted 30 varieties of wine from 10 different brands over the course of one (very fun) afternoon. The (slightly tipsy) team narrowed it down to these six top picks, including two rosés.


Best Rosé: Una Lou Rosé

Bursting with the luscious flavors of white peach, jasmine, and wild strawberries, this watermelon-colored rosé captures the essence of summer in a can.

To buy: $40 for 4; unalourose.com.


Best Bubbly: Union Wine Company Underwood the Bubbles

Pop the tab for toasts on the go. The taste is clean and dry, with hints of tropical fruit.

To buy: $7 each; unionwinecompany.com.

Peter Ardito

Best Red: Bollicini Lambrusco

Try this slightly effervescent red alongside pizza. Best served chilled, it proves red wine isn’t just for winter.

To buy: $13 for 4; at liquor stores.


Best Spritzer: Ramona Ruby Grapefruit Organic Wine Spritz

Unlike the sticky-sweet bottles of yesteryear, this refreshing winner is naturally flavored with grapefruit—no sugar added.

To buy: $20 for 4; vervewine.com.


Best White: Tangent Sauvignon Blanc in Can

A light and crisp white with notes of green apple and grapefruit. Drink straight from the can or pour over ice (we won’t tell).

To buy: $48 for 6; shop.nivenfamilywines.com.


Best Bubbly Rosé: House Wine Rosé Bubbles

This sparkling pink pick has just the right amount of bubbles. It offers the robust aroma of fresh berries without being overly sweet.

To buy: $32 for 6; originalhousewine.com.