The nostalgia will be off the charts when you get your hands on a can of these bad boys.

By Sari Kamp
Updated June 27, 2018

Planters Cheez Balls are back and better than ever. The classic blue can will be back on grocery store shelves this July, just in time to be poured into plastic bowls and brought outside for every pool party, barbecue and summer gathering.

The Cheez Balls we all know and love disappeared from stores in 2006, but passionate fans have been working to get them back every since. Planters is rewarding the special few who worked so hard to bring their need for cheese to the company’s attention by delivering the first cans of Cheez Balls right to their doors.

The fun doesn’t stop with Cheez Balls though. In addition to the cult classic Cheez Ball varietal, Planters is also bringing back the related but not nearly as beloved Cheez Curls. Both products have been thoroughly tested to make sure they retained the same crunch, flavor and of course, color, as their original counterpart, while also meeting Planters’ ingredient guidelines.

For all of you ‘90s kids who grew up with this familiar blue can in your pantries, get ready, because Cheez Balls and Cheez Curls will only be available for a limited time. On your mark, get set, cheez!