People can’t stop ‘gramming these colorful creations.

Just when we thought we’d put the rainbow bagel trend to rest, a crop of even crazier bagels began infiltrating our feeds. That’s right—bright pink, sparkly, black and white, you name it—there’s pretty much a bagel to match every type of trend. Many of the photos are posted by The Bagel Store, the bagel shop based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that created the very first rainbow bagel. If you don’t live in New York, they ship their bagels nationwide—although, unsurprisingly, there is a waiting list. Having found success in one colorful endeavor, they must have seen no reason to stop. And hey, any of these bagels is guaranteed a lot of Instagram likes.

While we wouldn’t recommend eating these food dye-saturated bagels daily, they are a fun splurge on your birthday or a holiday (and trust us, there’s a work of bagel art for every holiday imaginable). See below for some of our favorites, including a pink and red-swirled bagel that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. Looking to get your rainbow fix at home? Try our rainbow pizza, which uses naturally colorful veggies to create a vibrant rainbow. And if, of course, you'd rather have a slightly more natural bagel for breakfast, we've got six surprising (yet totally delicious) ways to top your favorite flavor of bagel