Hit the sweet spot—literally.

By Heath Goldman
March 07, 2017
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Whether you’re a chocolate kind of girl or prefer blueberry pie, Amazon’s got you covered with their new Dash button, Prime Surprise Sweets.

Like other Dash buttons, it’s linked to your Amazon account and sends items via free 2-day shipping when you press a real-life button. The buttons are, well, actual buttons, about the size of a doorbell or a jump drive. Most are linked to specific products, like your favorite laundry detergent or toothpaste, making it easy to replenish the items when you're running low. However, the Prime Surprise Sweets button ships a box of mystery confections that changes each time you press.

A strike against Dash buttons is that the price of supplies isn’t fixed. Detergent might cost $3 one time and $12 the next time, and you have no way of knowing until you’ve been charged. Prime Surprise Sweets is fantastic because it’s a flat rate of $18 every time so the cost, at least, is never a surprise.

It’s also a great value. You’ll get about four high-end treats in each box, such as chocolate chip and vanilla whoopie pies, champagne bubbles gummies, Belgian chocolate popcorn, and a peanut butter pretzel chocolate bar. The company has an entire team dedicated to sourcing these “small-batch treats crafted from artisans across the country.” The picks have our glowing approval: they’re downright delicious, high quality, and you could never find them at the supermarket.

The service reminds us of the gourmet food sampler subscriptions that are popular today (like this one from mouth.com), only it’s even better because there isn’t a commitment every month. We recommend sticking your button to the snack closet, so you can get the hippest, tastiest goodies delivered whenever the mood strikes—whether it’s twice a week, or just in time for a dinner party.