"Alexa, how much salt do I add to this recipe?" Morton Salt and celebrity Chef Richard Blais have partnered up to answer all your food-seasoning questions straight from your Amazon Echo device.

By Ananda Eidelstein
Updated July 20, 2018
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In an ideal world, we’d all have our own at-home Sous Chef. Someone to lend a helping hand while we chop up ingredients, offer advice on how to season a certain dish, or alert us when something is finished cooking. Thanks to a new Alexa feature on Amazon's Echo devices, we now do...well, sort of. "Morton Salting Sous Chef" is the latest Alexa skill available to at-home cooks—and a perfect way break in that gadget you purchased during Amazon Prime Day.

The way you season food can make or break a dish. Salt makes flavors pop and brings out the best in of your ingredients. But not everyone knows what that means or how to do it. That's where the new Alexa collaboration comes in. Morton Salt and celebrity Chef Richard Blais—of Top Chef, Iron Chef, and Chopped—will guide along, and there are four recipes from Chef Richard Blais included in the feature, too.

In addition to recipes, Morton offers a range of advice in brining, marinating, and baking—all techniques in which salt is a huge component to a successful and tasty outcome. This skill delivers tips, tricks, and suggestions on the amount of salt to use and when to use it. There are over 4,000 food items—including vegetables, main and side dishes, and dessert—that you can learn how to properly season.

Some tips offered are a quick tip to improve the texture and flavor of raw kale, which Morton Salting Sous Chef calls "he millennial's spinach." Another provides the exact amount of salt needed per pound of meat.

The Alexa feature is free to use and can be found on Amazon Echo and any of your other Alexa-enabled devices. It's also available to all Amazon Prime Users via the Amazon App. To find it, search for “Morton Salting Sous Chef ” or say, “Alexa, enable Morton Salting Sous Chef.”

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