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Pizza Perfection

These 16 Pizza Recipes Are So Good, You'll Never Order In Again
Pizza is the ultimate crowd pleaser. Sauce plus cheese spread on a delicious crispy-carby crust equals comfort food at its finest—add a comfy couch and a glass of Chianti and we're in heaven. Kids like pizza just as much as adults, plus there's endless opportunity to dress it up with meat, cooked (or raw vegetables), unique types of cheese, herbs, and more. Here, we've included homemade pizza recipe ideas for every type of pie-loving palate: there's the classic Chicago-style deep-dish, a thin Neapolitan-style Margherita recipe, a Detroit-style pie with peppers, and even a pizza you can make in a slow cooker. We promise you'll find one to satisfy your pizza craving. Really, why call Dominos when you can easily whip up one of these delicious homemade renditions?  RELATED5 Incredibly Delicious Pizzas from One Easy Dough Recipe
How to Clean a Pizza Stone So It Lasts Forever
Cleaning your pizza stone the right way will help make each pie crispy and delicious.
"French Onion Soup" Pizza
Rating: Unrated 3
File this one under: Where have you been our whole lives?

Food Storage Tips

How to Wash Mushrooms—Including Store-Bought, Cultivated, and Wild-Foraged Fungi
To wash or not to wash? The everlasting and controversial question when it comes to these fun guys.

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