10 Food and Dining Trends You'll See Everywhere in 2023—According to Yelp's Forecast

Don’t knock a dirty soda until you’ve tried it!


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2023 is right around the corner, and the team at Yelp is already predicting food and beverage trends for the year ahead. The annual Yelp Forecast is determined by a group of data scientists, community managers, and a trend expert named Tara Lewis. The team starts by scoping out keywords, phrases, and businesses to see what’s been piquing the most interest over the past year.

Ultimately, the biggest trends from this past year were more prevalent in different types of beverages, rather than food. From satisfying drinks like the michelagua and slushies, to more obscure beverages like pickle-flavored martinis, it seems that Yelpers have a real interest in trying something new. In addition to those listed drinks, creative mocktails will continue to gain popularity in the upcoming year, as people expressed increased interest in non-alcoholic options.

As far as food goes, viral TikTok videos have played a major role in what people are craving. Whether you live in New York or not, you’ve likely seen people taking a big bite out of The Suprême—a buttery, cream-filled croissant that was invented by a bakery in downtown Manhattan. The Yelp report also showed that foodies have a real appetite for oxtail dishes and of course, more pickle-flavored foods. Though I may have to draw the line at pickle ice cream.

In addition to unique cocktails and tasty fare, the report showed that people are yearning for more experiences when dining with friends and family (I mean, who doesn’t love dinner and a show?) Now, consumers can make a reservation at underwater restaurants and on swanky rooftops.

Continue reading to learn more about what foods, drinks, and dining trends Yelp predicts in 2023!

The michelagua

This refreshing fruit mocktail is a playful twist on the classic Mexican drink, micheladas. And it’s certainly something you could sip on all day. While traditional micheladas are a bit savory and spicy, this delicious rendition is a tad different since it uses a sweet agua fresca and beer-free mix. Not only are michelaguas simple to make, but they’re fun and colorful, and totally Instagram-worthy.


Who says slushies are only for kids? From frozen margaritas to trendy frosé and even non-alcoholic options, blended drinks continue to be a big hit (and we don’t see it stopping anytime soon.) The Yelp report revealed that searches for slushie drinks were up 77 percent in 2022, and we should expect to see more creative frozen cocktail combinations in the year ahead.

Experiential dining 

Sure, going out to eat is a form of entertainment, but Yelpers are expressing their excitement about enjoying a truly memorable experience. Destination dining at locations like dinner theater, underwater restaurants, and aesthetically pleasing rooftops are all the rage these days. In fact, the Yelp report showed that searches for underwater restaurants were up 263 percent, and dinner theater searches were up 109 percent.

Pickle-flavored products

It’s no surprise that pickle lovers are passionate people, but pickle-flavored products continue to be on the rise. In fact, the Yelp report demonstrated a 55 percent increase in pickle-flavored food searches. In 2023, be prepared to see peculiar items, like pickle martinis and pickle ice cream.


Yelpers are going crazy for rich and decadent oxtail dishes, spiking searches by 45 percent. The good news is, since oxtail continues to gain popularity, it can be found at many different restaurants and even at food trucks.

"Dirty sodas"

Okay so “dirty sodas” may not sound like the most appetizing beverage, but this Utah-based concoction is taking the world by storm. In fact, dirty soda shops are popping up in places like Oklahoma, Texas, and Arizona. If you haven’t had the fortune of trying a dirty soda firsthand, it’s a combination of soda, cream, and flavored sweetener or syrup. It may not be the healthiest, but it’s never lacking in taste!

Hojicha tea 

Matcha and bubble tea are so 2021. This next year is going to be all about hojicha tea, which derives from Japan. It’s a slightly sweet, roasted green tea that’s incredibly smooth and delightful. If you need an afternoon pick-me-up, you can enjoy a hot cup of hojicha tea or try it as a latte.


Dry January is now a thing of the past. Instead, more people are requesting mocktails and aperitifs sans alcohol all year round. And as a result, countless restaurants and bars are curating thoughtful, fun mocktail menus, which is certainly good for business since Yelp searches for booze-less drinks were up 59 percent.

The Suprême

Move over, cronut, The Suprême is the hottest croissant craze these days. This oversized cream-filled flaky pastry was uniquely created at Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery in New York City, but it’s gone viral across every social media platform. It may seem crazy to book a trip to New York for a famous croissant, but stranger things have happened.

Fast-food classics

Many fast-food chains brought back some old staples, which means we’re able to live through our childhood again and get a taste of nostalgia. The McRib, Happy Meals, and Halloween pails all had their comeback at specific fast-food locations, and Yelpers were pleased. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but searches for fast food were up 90 percent, and are expected to rise.

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