I’m Replacing All of My Uncomfortable Earrings That Poke Me With These Genius Flat-Back Studs

And they’re just $13.

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Replacing Uncomfortable Earring Genius Flat-Back Studs tout

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While I love the look of a simple stud earring, I could do without the constant poking I feel when sleeping or lounging, which is why I love this genius Amazon find.

Flat-back earrings, which feature a flat and smooth backing that snaps in place, are relatively new to the jewelry scene. I discovered them while researching products for my job as a shopping editor, and after wearing mine for over a year, they’ve proven to be comfortable for sleeping, secure enough to wear through workouts, and easy to wear with face masks (they don’t get caught in the straps). 

PAVOI 14K Gold Plated Solid 925 Sterling Silver Post Flat Back Stud Earrings


To buy: $13; amazon.com.

Prior to discovering these clever studs, I removed my butterfly-back earrings every night before bed to avoid the sometimes painful jabbing I’d feel from the sharp pointed posts. Every stud I tried was uncomfortable while sleeping. Many also felt insecure, making me worried I would lose them while exercising. And several would get stuck in my face mask, which led to painful pulling and snagging. 

To avoid these conundrums, I often opted for bare ears. But I felt like my ears were missing out on a potential party of fun and personal expression. No one endures a painful piercing and the long healing period just to have an empty earscape.

In hopes that I could find something that was better designed, I began my research and settled upon this under-$15 pair from Amazon. The flat-back earrings come from Pavoi, an affordable jewelry brand that I’ve purchased items from before. The brand has a whole collection of flat-back earrings, featuring a little over a dozen designs, including simple ball studs and playful smiley faces. 

Each pair comes with a flat post that threads from the back to the front through the opening in your ear. Once it’s in place, it’s easy to insert the front part of the earring until it snaps and feels secure in place. They’re meant to move a little back and forth to ensure they’re not too tight, but the posts are short enough to avoid drooping or getting caught in your hair. 

PAVOI 14K Gold Plated Solid 925 Sterling Silver Post Cubic Zirconia Flat Back Earrings


To buy: $13; amazon.com.

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Similar to a Crock-Pot or automated robot vacuum cleaner, these earrings have a “set it and forget it” functionality. Once mine were in place, I left them in for weeks—and even months—at a time.  

While getting dressed in the morning, I had one less thing to worry about putting on. The array of designs made them fun to style with my other jewelry, and many are simple and versatile enough to pair with the majority of my other accessories. 

The flat-back earrings are now my go-to for everyday wear, but occasionally, I’ll swap them out for a small huggie style. These small hoops snap in place and offer a smooth, poke-free back too, making them a comfortable alternative to the typical stud earring.  

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Since flat-back earrings are still relatively new, they can be a bit tricky to find. I’ve stumbled upon some alternatives, like styles from Maison Miru, Studs, and Mejuri, but  for now I’m sticking to my new favorite Amazon find.

PAVOI 14K Gold Plated Solid 925 Sterling Silver Post Flat Back Stud Earrings for Women


To buy: $13; amazon.com.

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