Biossance Overachievers Set

When traveling I used to have to stick to a super-simple skincare routine, but with this set I can keep up with my full, luxurious routine no matter where I am. Biossance is one of the highest rated brands by the Environmental Working Group containing only ingredients that are safe for you and the planet—and every single product is top notch. I'm never going to settle for mediocre travel-size products again. -Lauren Mazzo, Digital Editor,

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Urban Map Glassware

As a travel buff, I love these map-themed drinking glasses. My family gave me a set as a gift last Christmas, and they chose one for each city where I've lived. The etching is subtle, and doesn't get ruined in the dishwasher. -Ashley Carufel, Social Strategist,
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Apple Gift Card

Give your globetrotter endless joy and opportunities to elevate their next adventure with an Apple Gift Card. They can use it to snag must-have travel gadgets like a new iPad and the noise-cancelling AirPods Pro or put it toward their favorite in-flight entertainment, such as downloads from the App Store.

To Buy: $10-$2,000;


Monos Metro Sling

This chic neutral sling is my go-to bag for all the important things—passport, phone, mask, my child's pouch of fruit snacks, you know, the necessities! It's hands-free, plus it's small enough that you can wear it through the airport and then stuff it inside your carry-on during your flight. -Amelia Edelman, Deputy Editor (Finance Desk),
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Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag

This bag may look simple, but it's actually the perfect travel bag for a weekend trip. It has interior pockets to keep everything in place, an exterior pocket to snugly fit a phone, and a strap on the outside that allows it to attach to your suitcase while you roll through the airport. Not to mention, it’s water resistant and super-durable. -Hedy Phillips, News Editor, Hello Giggles

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Dohm White Noise Machine + Travel Case Bundle

This sound machine is the best gift I have ever received and now I literally cannot sleep without it. There is nothing more soothing than turning this machine on—I call it a hug for your ears. And thanks to the carrying case, it’s perfect for travel. -Kelly Chiello, Visuals Editor,

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NOCO Boost Plus UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter Box

This car jump starter is a literal lifesaver on road trips! My kid is always pushing random buttons in the car and oftentimes she switches a light on without us knowing—until, of course, the car battery dies and we’re stuck. -Cris Pearlstein, Freelance Digital Editor,
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Blundstone Boots

These boots last forever, are incredibly comfortable, and keep your feet warm in the cold (while still feeling breathable when the weather heats up). They feel like the in-the-know traveler shoe to have, whether you're walking the streets of London or the vineyards of Napa Valley. -Maya Kachroo-Levine, Contributing Digital Editor,
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Ramble Maps Map of Mansfield

Every world traveler on your list—from the avid skier to the National Park devotee—will treasure a highly-detailed map of one of their favorite places on Earth. Choose a map of the lake where they spend their summers, or the mountain they snowboard every winter, so they can reminisce about their travels from the comfort of their couch. -Katie Holdefehr, Senior Digital Home Editor,
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Traveler Guitar

My dad is an incredible guitar player, but complains that his guitars are too cumbersome to travel with. This one is basically just the neck—it's incredibly lightweight, fits into airplane overhead compartments with ease, and can be broken out for road trips without getting in the way. He travels everywhere with it now and we all love that he can entertain his grandkids in the car on long drives. -Deanne Kaczerski, Digital Content Director
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To Buy: $300;

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Teema Towel

This workhorse is perfect for travel—it works as a beach towel, picnic blanket, throw blanket, shower towel, coverup, and it rolls up to the approximate size of a Nalgene water bottle. At just 11oz and made from 100 percent cotton, this thing has come in handy on so many of my trips, from keeping me warm on chilly air conditioned buses, to becoming a coverup dress on the beaches of Colombia. They're so cute I have to restrain myself from buying one of every style! -Lauren Mazzo, Digital Editor,

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Louis Vuitton Travel Book

These books pair gorgeous fashion and illustrations with equally stunning parts of the world. I personally love to get one after visiting a new city (like Rome!) so that when I look through it I'm instantly transported back to its streets. Plus that iconic saffron-colored packaging makes opening and gifting these books just as exciting as the gift itself. -Alessandra Amodio, Digital Photo Editor,
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The Passport Holder

I love anything that looks stylish and keeps me organized, so I never venture far without this leather passport holder. In addition to my passport, there’s plenty of room for my driver’s license and a credit card, too. It comes in four different colors, but I’m partial to the butterscotch hue. -Heather Morgan Shott, Senior Director Content Strategy (Home),
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To Buy: $55; M.M. LaFleur

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