MOFT Adhesive Invisible Laptop Stand

This foldable laptop stand has completely changed my WFH life—finally, my wrists are getting the support they need. I also love how easy it is to use, how clean it looks, and how something so small and affordable could affect my life in such big ways. I have since gone on to buy one for my partner and my family—they all love it, too! -Pia Velasco, Senior Beauty & Fashion Editor,

To Buy: $25;

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Audio-Technica Automatic Stereo Turntable

My Audio-Technica record player is the centerpiece of my living room. I love the joy of unwrapping a new record, taking the fresh vinyl out of the sleeve, placing it on my record player, and hitting play. The first few seconds of static while the needle finds the grooves is pure magic—as is the experience of listening to an album from start to finish. -Christina Park, Social Media Manager,
Martha Stewart

To Buy: $145;

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Duracell Optimum AA 12 Pack

Give your favorite techie the gift of Duracell batteries so they can get the most out of their go-to gadgets.

To Buy: $12.78;


Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 has brought so much fun to my life. Six months into the lockdown, I felt like it would be eons until I got to travel, but then I got the Quest 2 and my world literally opened—I was able to climb snow mountains, explore caves, and traverse tropical islands. I perfected my putt, which I never got to do IRL. I felt like a kid again playing wacky games, and loved letting loose for a dance-off in a club. I've since convinced four people to get one for themselves and no one regrets it! -Marietta Alessi, Senior Social Media Manager,

To Buy: $299;

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DRJ Professional Mini Projector

With everyone spending more time at home, this is the perfect gift for my sister and brother-in-law. They have bonfires almost every night in the summer, and with this projector, they can watch their favorite shows and movies out in the backyard! -Rachel Crocetti, SEO Content Strategist,

To Buy: $80;

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Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool

My small NYC apartment gets unbearably hot, so I love my Dyson because it acts as both an air purifier and fan. It cools my apartment down more than any other machine I've tried, plus I'm able to control it from my phone, so I can adjust the temperature before I get home. -Rebecca Shinners, Senior Editor,

To Buy: $750;

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Birdbuddy 1X Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder

For the tech-obsessed nature lover (or big-time bird nerd), this smart feeder is the perfect gift. It has a camera that will notify your phone when a bird lands, will take photos, and can even help identify the species—which is awesome for impressing friends. Plus, not having to flip through a birdwatcher's almanac saves time...for more birdwatching. -Teddy Willson, Editorial Assistant,
Real Simple

To Buy: $222;

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Wireless 3-in-1 Charging Station

Between my iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, there are multiple chargers plugged into outlets all around my house and seeing the wires everywhere drives me crazy! Recently, my husband got this gift for his birthday and after using it a few times myself, I quickly bought one of my own. It's compact, so it fits on my small bedside table and it charges everything simultaneously, which is so convenient. -Victoria Seaver, Senior Digital Editor,

To Buy: $27;

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Foldable Cell Phone Holder

As someone who works in social media, I keep this phone stand on my desk at all times for easy Instagram access. It allows me to consume content hands free and I can use it for filming quick videos. And since it's foldable, it's easy to throw it into your purse if you want to bring it somewhere. -Rebecca Shinners, Senior Social Media Editor,

To Buy: $11;

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WYZE Cam Indoor/Outdoor Video Camera

This small security camera is perfect for those just dipping their toes into smart tech. Setup is simple: just plug it in and download the app. You can turn it on and off remotely and receive notifications based on movement or sound. I originally received this as a gift to monitor my puppy while we were crate training, and now use it to keep tabs on packages and deliveries while I'm out of town. -Caitlin Sole, Digital Home Editor,
Better Homes & Gardens

To Buy: $36;

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Roborock H7 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

I've tested a number of stick vacuums over the years, but this one has stopped me in my tracks. All the accessories are magnetic and store on the dock; there's a lock button so you can keep the power on without constantly squeezing it; and it has incredible suction power that will truly clean your floors. If you've got multiple flooring surfaces and need something lightweight, this is the vacuum cleaner for you! -Rachel Weber, Digital Deputy Editor,
Better Homes & Gardens

To Buy: $500;

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The Skylight Calendar

I love how easy this calendar is to use and how nice it looks sitting on my counter. It’s helped my whole family stay organized—it seamlessly auto-syncs to our Google, Apple, and Outlook accounts, and we use the shopping list feature every day! -Emily Kehe, Creative Director,
Real Simple

To Buy: $159;

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DJI Mini 2 Drone

My dad, a self-proclaimed tech nerd, loves this thing. At 249 grams it comes under the weight that requires FAA registration, and yet is smart enough to make flying it a total blast. He didn’t have to spend tons of time teaching himself how to use the controls because you just hit the “take off” button in the app and it starts flying. His favorite thing to do is to take it to the nearby river clearing to capture some amazing photos and videos. -Cris Pearlstein, Freelance Digital Editor,
Real Simple

To Buy: $449;

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