West & Willow Custom Pet Portrait

There have been years where my dad refuses to open his gifts for days, and he will tell you straight out if he thinks whatever you bought him is stupid. This custom pet portrait is the only gift I’ve ever given him that I know for a fact he loves. These Willow & West portraits turn out exactly like the photographs you submit. It’s a low-risk gift with high reward. -Danielle Fox, Social Media Editor,

To Buy: $65;

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Mjau Home Modular Cat Haus

I want a Mjau modular cat home for our cats more than most everything else on our wedding registry. Sleek yet functional, I know this would be a favorite for both of our furry friends at home. -Megan Soll, Ecommerce Editor,
Food & Wine

To Buy: $369;

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Sugarwish Dog Treat Gift Boxes

The fun, colorful packaging of these boxes make them truly feel like a special gift rather than just another Amazon box in the mail. There's a nice selection of treat options, with different sizes and flavor profiles. My dog gobbled them up. -Karman Hotchkiss, Editorial Director,
Daily Paws

To Buy: $34;

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SparklyPets Hands-Free Dog Leash

This hands-free leash makes running with my dog, Finn, the most enjoyable part of my day! It comes attached to a belt that I wear, so I can pull him close if we’re crossing a busy street, or give him more control if we’re just strolling on the sidewalk. There’s also an extra security clasp on the belt which makes me feel better about running with my dog near busy streets. -Maggie O’Neill, Assistant Editor,

To Buy: $20;

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Helen Ficalora Dog Bone Mini Charm

I never thought I'd use the phrases "dog bone charm" and "simple and sophisticated" in the same sentence, but this 14K gold charm changed my mind. Not at all kitschy, and with a price tag that puts it in the "for someone really special" category, this is a really beautiful little bauble. -Karman Hotchkiss, Editorial Director,
Daily Paws

To Buy: $165;

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SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post

This is the best cat scratching post I've ever owned, as evidenced by the fact that my cats exclusively use this one even though I have others around my apartment. It's large enough for multiple cats to use at once, it provides a good back stretch, and it has a unique, fibrous texture that my cats seem to gravitate towards. -Melanie Fincher, Staff Writer SEO,

To Buy: $50;

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I have an anxious pup so this vest comes in handy during fireworks and thunderstorms. But I also use it for walks when I know we will run into both people and other dogs. It really helps! -Lauren Kanya, Test Kitchen Associate,

To Buy: $45;

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Kong Wubba

This is the best toy for aggressive chewers. My dog tears apart every plush toy within seconds, but even she struggles to get through the thick canvas fabric on this one. It features a squeaky ball, a bouncy ball, and tails, so it's perfect for fetch, tug, and just chewing on. And, since there's no stuffing, it doesn't make a huge mess when your pup does manage to tear a hole in it. -Jaclyn Konich, Associate Nutrition Editor,

To Buy: $12;

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Yeowww! Catnip Rainbow Toy

Cats go absolutely bonkers for this, and cat parents appreciate having a sweet little rainbow tossed around the living room versus, say, a limp toy mouse. -Jessica Hartshorn, Entertainment Editor,

To Buy: $11;

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Jono Pandolfi Pet Bowls

Who says pet supplies have to be ugly? I'm gifting my friends with fur babies this set of stoneware pet bowls. Handmade ceramics are on-trend and since everyone I know adopted a pandemic pet, this gift feels both heartfelt and practical. Crafted with an attention to detail, the base of the food bowl is intentionally weighty so eager eaters won't spill it or move it around the room. -Katie Holdefehr, Senior Digital Home Editor,
Real Simple

To Buy: $80 for set of 2;

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ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide & Seek Plush Dog Toy

I gave this to my parents, brother, and several friends for Christmas in 2020 after I interviewed someone at the Jacksonville Humane Society for a Daily Paws story. She said their shelter pups love this toy, and so did all my friends' and family's dogs! There are also replacement chipmunks you can buy individually if you have a pup that loves to rip the stuffing from squeaky toys. -Leah Lopez Cardenas , Senior SEO Editor,
Daily Paws

To Buy: $13;

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Mod Squad Mutt Dog Gone Good Dog Treats

These treats are handmade and hand-packaged in Nashville by the youth of Crossroads Campus, a non-profit dedicated to rescuing people and pets. They’re shaped like guitars and guitar picks as a nod to Music City—but let’s be honest, your pet will only care about how deliciously peanut-buttery they taste. -Grace Haynes, Associate Homes Editor,
Southern Living

To Buy: $15;

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