Oura Ring

Part fitness tracker and part sleep scorer, the lightweight titanium Oura Ring uses LED sensors to monitor your own snooze and activity levels. I have it in gold, and as helpful as it is from a health standpoint, I just really love how chic it looks on my hand. Tech gear that actually looks good on you? I’m in. -Rachel Sylvester, Senior Editor,
Real Simple

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Color Wow One-Minute Transformation Styling Cream

Whether you have post-workout messy waves, an out-of-control frizz situation, or a big ole ponytail dent, rub a pea-size amount of styling cream through strands to even it all out. This miracle cream means no one will know you just came from the gym. -Shannon Bauer, Beauty Editor,

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Therabody Theragun Prime

The Theragun is my go-to tool for feeling my best after workouts, traveling, or just a long day of work. The Theragun comes with a dedicated app that walks users through personalized routines for swimming, biking, running, better sleep, jet lag, and much more. I honestly can't go a day without it. -Stacey Leasca, Contributor,
Travel + Leisure

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Body Glide for Her Anti Chafe Balm

This stuff works wonders! You apply it to your thighs like you would put on deodorant and they won't rub or stick together—I love it for working out in the summer when I want to wear shorts. -Emily VanSchmus, Digital Assistant Editor,
Better Homes & Gardens

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Lululemon Instill High-Rise Tight

These high-rise tights are made of a buttery-soft, sweat-wicking material that also feels tremendously supportive in all the right places. They were intended for yoga, but since I lean more toward spinning and hiking, I tested them first during a SoulCycle class, then during a muggy morning hike a week later. They not only kept me cool, but they also didn't have me tugging at the waistband every five seconds to keep them up. -Sarah Bruning, Senior Editor,
Travel + Leisure

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Beast Blender + Hydration System

I make green smoothies for my family every single morning, and post-workout smoothies for my husband and I a few times a week, so when I saw this blender on Instagram it immediately caught my eye. The fact that it infuses beverages as well as blends them is a plus, sure, but have you looked at this thing? Now this is a blender I wouldn’t mind leaving out on the counter. -Cris Pearlstein, Freelance Digital Editor,
Real Simple

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Bala Weighted Bangles

I received a pair as a gift last year and LOVE them! I use them at least three times a week for home workouts. They are sleek, easy to store, and easy to travel with (something I never would've considered with regular weights). I sit at a computer for most of the day, and found that adding 15-minute strength-training exercises a few times a week has made a huge difference in improving my back pain. -Erica Metzger, Beauty & Fashion Director,
Better Homes & Gardens

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Fitbit Luxe

This is the perfect fitness tracker in my book: it's stylish, lightweight, swim-proof, lasts for up to 5 days without recharge, and doesn't make you feel guilty for not moving or meditating perfectly (like some other devices out there). Each purchase comes with 6 months free of FitBit premium, which offers follow-along workouts, meditations, and even downloadable PDFs of a breakdown of your wellness stats. I've loved seeing how my REM cycle and sleep quality have increased since using the device, and I can't wait to see what more I can do with it! -Marietta Alessi, Senior Social Media Manager,

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Aquis x Sweaty Betty Copper Sure Sport Towel

This lightweight, space-saving, quick dry towel is also soft on your skin and hair. The fabric is antimicrobial, antibacterial, and resistant to mold and bacteria—everything I want in a gym towel. -Shannon Bauer, Beauty Editor,

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Powerbeats Pro Totally Wireless Earphones

As someone who constantly bounces between working, working out, running errands, and catching up with friends, being able to move through my day wearing wireless headphones has been a game changer. I can take a call while I'm out on a walk or listen to a podcast when I'm cooking dinner, it's seamless and brings so much more movement and ease to my life. -Stefanie O’Connell Rodriguez, Host of the Money Confidential podcast

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4KOR Fitness Ultimate Massage Ball Set for Physical Therapy

My husband works out often so he’s always feeling an ache here or a pain there. These massage balls are a lifesaver for him—he uses them on pressure points and problem spots on the living room floor while we stream our favorite show. -Cris Pearlstein, Freelance Digital Editor,
Real Simple

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Fitbod App Subscription Bundle with BOSU NextGen Home Balance Trainer

I've been using this app for two years now and it's amazing! It creates weight training programs for you based on your goals, your experience level, and the equipment you have at home—plus there are text instructions for each exercise and giphys of a human doing them. And it's easy to swap out a move, if say, you just can't imagine doing burpees this morning. Love love love! -Carolyn Malcoun, Food Editor,

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