J. Lowery Max Mini Bucket Bag

This bucket bag has been my constant companion since I got it last fall. Designed by Mississippi natives and made in the USA, the Italian calf leather bag is sneaky roomy—a smart drawstring closure keeps all my essentials tidily tucked away. Now, I’m coveting it in their new holiday-ready merlot croc…hint, hint, Mom and Dad. -Betsy Cribb, Features Editor,
Southern Living

To Buy: $350;

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Amelia Rose Rainbow Constellation Necklace

My best friend is a die-hard astrology buff so this necklace is perfect for her—she’s a Gemini which means she won’t be able to decide what she loves more, the playful rainbow beads, or the sophisticated gold plated sterling silver charm. -Cris Pearlstein, Freelance Digital Editor,
Real Simple

To Buy: $50;

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BaubleBar Maro Rings

This ring set reminds me of the jewelry my grandmother used to bring home every time she traveled to Italy—but at a fraction of the price. It’s the perfect gift for your best friend. -Cris Pearlstein, Freelance Digital Editor,
Real Simple

To Buy: $58;

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Roxanne Assoulin Hip-Hop But Not Earrings

I don't have pierced ears, but I feel instantly cooler when I wear these sparkly mismatched clip-ons.
-Sarah Martens, Holidays & Entertaining Editor,
Better Homes & Gardens

To Buy: $120;

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Goorin Bros. Dean the Butcher Hat

Goorin Bros. is a legendary hat company that’s over 100 years old, and it’s hands-down my favorite (I’ve been wearing one of their Panama hats for eight years and I still love it). My brother-in-law has this fedora and it elevates all of his outfits—even if he’s just wearing a tee shirt and jeans. -Cris Pearlstein, Freelance Digital Editor,
Real Simple

To Buy: $150;

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Ritter The Peter Sweater

This is the perfect marriage of a collared shirt and a soft sweater, but the best part is that because it’s made of 100% baby Alpaca wool, it’s also stain, water, and wrinkle resistant. I’ll be buying one for my husband who loves the classic look of a 3-button polo shirt. -Cris Pearlstein, Freelance Digital Editor,
Real Simple

To Buy: $145;

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The Great Plant-Dyed College Sweatshirt

I'm obsessed with all-things The Great—it's a female-owned company that produces top-notch clothing right here in the U.S.—and their plant-dyed capsule collection is no different. Every piece in this specific collection is hand-dyed using plant-based colors at a small, women-owned factory in Pennsylvania. The pieces are beautiful, made to last, and so, so comfortable. -Gabriella Rello, Digital Deputy Editor,
Martha Stewart

To Buy: $195;

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Hill House Nap Dress

If by some miracle there’s still someone in your life who doesn't have the viral pandemic-era nap dress, now's your chance to get them in on the trend. But if they have a kid you might want to splurge for the mini version, too. Yes, it’s that cute. -Sade Strehlke, Digital Director,

To Buy: $125;

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Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Large

Over the past few years I’ve been working hard to streamline my wardrobe (and life!) and part of that is not owning different styles of the same item. Enter these iconic shades. With their timeless design, cool-girl vibe, and durable shape, they’re the only sunglasses I need. I can literally wear them every single day with any outfit—and I do! -Cris Pearlstein, Freelance Digital Editor,
Real Simple

To Buy: $211;

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Pretty Connected Nikki Gold Face Mask Chain Strap

In an ever-changing world, one thing stays consistent for me: dressing up makes me feel better. This mask chain is stylish and convenient—I never forget my mask because it’s always around my neck. When I'm indoors I clasp the chain to make it a necklace or if I’m alone outside I’ll use it to carry a water bottle. I've had mine since the start of the pandemic and have seriously worn it every day since. -Marietta Alessi, Senior Social Media Manager,

To Buy: $36;

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Vans Classic Slip-Ons

I love these iconic sneakers so much because they’re super comfortable and they go with everything I own: jeans, leggings, even skirts. I love mine so much I got my daughter two pairs for herself—since they are an easy off-and-on shoe for toddlers—and am thinking of buying a pair for my husband, too. These are truly a good-for-anyone sneaker! -Cris Pearlstein, Freelance Digital Editor,
Real Simple

To Buy: $55;

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Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots

These are go-anywhere, do-anything boots that will last a lifetime—my husband has had his for over 10 years and they only get better with age. Made by a legendary American brand, this iconic boot will never go out of style, and when he wears them with slim-fit jeans and a cashmere sweater on date night, I swoon. -Cris Pearlstein, Freelance Digital Editor,
Real Simple

To Buy: $330;

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