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Last year I gave this lip balm to my boyfriend's sister and she said it was one of her favorite lip glosses ever. She loves how the cherry color slightly stains her lips the most perfect shade of red, and that it's not at all sticky. I am definitely getting her a few more colors this year and probably getting myself a tube, too! -Kelly Chiello, Visuals Editor,

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Olive and June The Complete System + Dry Drops

As a surfer, horseback rider, and professional globetrotter, I rarely ever got my nails done in the past as it just ended up being an epic waste of time resulting in plenty of chipped nails. But then I discovered Olive and June. Sure, the ultra-luxe polish stays in place, but what makes this brand so special are the free bootcamps and tutorials on how to make your manicure last—I'd never heard of "sealing" before and it's totally changed my nail game!
-Stacey Leasca, Contributor,
Travel + Leisure

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The Dyson Airwrap

I’m not blowout savvy—my arm cramps up after five minutes with a blow dryer and round brush—which is why the Airwrap is such a game changer. And thanks to its many attachments, I can choose the exact kind of blowout I want: sleek and straight or bouncy and wavy. No pain, everything to gain. -Sarah Schreiber, Digital Editor,
Martha Stewart

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Nuface Microcurrent

I've visited three celebrity estheticians in the last few months (don't hate me, it's all part of the job!) and they all recommend this at-home device as the next best thing to seeing a pro. It uses micro-current technology to tone and firm facial muscles (think lifted cheeks and tighter jawline). I gave one to my mom last year and now I want one for myself! -Erica Metzger, Beauty & Fashion Director,
Better Homes & Gardens

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Rouge Dior Minaudiere

Leaving the house and having lipstick on makes me feel like I've jumped out of a film walking around old New York, when really I'm at my local Trader Joe’s. I love giving (and receiving) lipstick, because it lets us potentially fall in love with a new color we may not have tried otherwise. With this set not only do you get four gorgeous tubes of Rouge Dior lipstick, you also get a gold lipstick case on a chain etched to look like the Parisian boutique’s façade. -Alessandra Amodio, Digital Photo Editor,
Travel + Leisure

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Dr. Barbara Sturm Discovery Kit

If you’ve ever suffered from dry, sensitive or irritated skin, Dr. Barbara Sturm’s skincare line, which features purslane, an anti-aging superhero with regenerative properties, should be your go-to. I’m especially in love with the face cream and hyaluronic acid, which are both soothing and super moisturizing. The line can be pricey so I recommend trying the brand’s discovery kit first before taking the plunge. -Sade Strehlke, Digital Director,

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IGK So Fresh, So Clean First Class Dry Shampoo Set

As a Black woman, I don’t typically suffer from oily hair and can stretch a blowout well beyond a week. That said, I do perspire a lot and sometimes just want a little oomph after day five or six. Enter this dry shampoo set—it’s the perfect solution for when my hair just needs a little more life. My Caucasian friends are also huge fans thanks to the oil-eliminating charcoal that not only cleanses, but also detoxifies. -Sade Strehlke, Digital Director,

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Cultus Artem Discovery Set

This niche fragrance brand is just outstanding—the bottles are gorgeous (perfect for a nightstand) but more importantly the founder is meticulous about sourcing ingredients and the fragrances reflect that. I love Amara, which has notes of sandalwood and citrus, and Champaca, which is a delicious white floral that reminds me of a beach holiday in Mexico. Plus, the brand uses recycled materials in their warehouse and production facility, and they keep things small, bottling everything in the U.S. -Jacqui Gifford, Editor in Chief,
Travel + Leisure

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La Furtuna Rituale Luminoso Transformation set

This trio of amazing products is from a still-under-the-radar super-clean Italian skincare brand with Sicilian roots. The biphase oil in particular, which is created with wild-foraged plants from the company’s organic farm in Sicily, made my skin GLOW from the second I first put it on. I’m beyond impressed. -Skye Senterfeit, Deputy Photo Editor
, Travel + Leisure

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Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes Mascara

This is the most incredible mascara I've ever slicked on (and I've tried dozens!). My lashes have never been fuller or prettier. I was toying with getting eyelash extensions before trying it—but honestly, now I don't need to. -Heather Morgan Shott, Senior Director Content Strategy (Home),
Real Simple, Martha Stewart, Southern Living and Better Homes & Gardens

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The Drunk Elephant “Littles” Kit

Drunk Elephant is a personal favorite of mine for two reasons: it works and this handy kit makes everything super-portable. As a travel writer, I need to be able to pack my entire skincare routine and go, and this kit allows me to do just that. Plus, it's ideal for someone looking to get started on their own skincare journey without any harsh or questionable ingredients. -Stacey Leasca, Contributor,
Travel + Leisure

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Hanacure All-In-One Facial Set

My younger sister is the epitome of cool and so when she endorsed this face mask set, I had to try it too. Even though it kills me to say it, she was right. It feels a little like a science experiment mixing the two elixirs together and watching how it transforms your face as it dries—you will look like you aged 20 years, but don’t freak out because once you rinse it off it has the exact opposite effect. -Cris Pearlstein, Freelance Digital Editor,
Real Simple

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