Choose Your French Style and Say Oui to an Everyday Escape

Spirit a piece of France
into your home.
We’ll show you how with
Oui by Yoplait®.

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While the country of France can seem far away these days, it’s never too distant to serve as inspiration. Picture the bustling, cafe-lined streets of Paris and bring them to your living room. Envision a late afternoon relaxing in your breezy French countryside-influenced parlor, the scent of lavender filling the air. Or imagine curating a fashionable melange of influences, just like the designers on the Champs-Élysées.

No matter what your style, achieving the French way of life is easy with The Heritage Collection from Oui by Yoplait®, a family of rustic, French-style yogurts featuring the purest, most delicious ingredients—and a variety of designs that will help transform your space into a European getaway. To find out which design style is right for you, just select your favorite design from the choices below, and we’ll help tailor a look for your home that’s sumptuous, elegant, and effortlessly delicious.

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Which of these French designs speaks to you the most?

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You picked French Modern!

You have an affinity for the architectural, and would feel most at home while strolling down a Parisian street, admiring the city’s cafes and distinctive modern charm.

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You picked French Chic!

For you, nothing epitomizes good taste more than French fashion. Fortunately, the styles of Paris can make the hop over the pond from the Champs-Élysées to your home effortlessly.

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You picked French Countryside!

Nature is your inspiration, and your home is your canvas—French Countryside is the style for you. This rustic aesthetic weaves organic elements with the simple, easygoing ways of rural France to create a bucolic paradise in any room.

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Bring that art deco liveliness into your home with these easy tips:

1. A French table setting, more than anything, evokes the art deco style that influences so much of Paris’s cityscape to this day. Recreate it using patterned tablecloths, contrasting shapes (such as diamond-shaped napkins on square plates), and simple cutlery.

2. Colors enrich your life! Accent your spaces with gold, which brings warmth and opulence, and bold hues like red, which brings the passionate, romantic vibe of Paris indoors.

3. French Modern style is as much about texture as it is about visuals—in your spaces, opt for rich, luxe fabrics like velvet wherever possible to create a space that feels as inviting as it looks.

4. The French Modern home is a sensory experience, so repurpose your art-deco-styled Oui pots to hold scented candles or potpourri, creating an atmosphere befitting a Parisian gourmand.

5. Be smart about light. Use large mirrors to bounce sunlight around your rooms, creating the illusion of even grander spaces—in Paris, real space can be hard to come by!

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Here are some tips to help you create a Parisian escape that’s so à la mode:

1. Patterns are your friend! Bold stripes, like the ones on this Oui pot, draw the eye across the room, and can make things like throw pillows, wallpaper, and curtains truly pop.

2. If you love it, make a space for it—French Chic style is all about passion, and that means there’s always room for a piece you just can’t live without, even if it’s a little daring. This helps create an eclectic, interesting space.

3. Keep the energy flowing! Hanging art and wall decorations at different levels is a playful way to fill a room, and creates a grand sense of scale even in smaller areas.

4. Denizens of the City of Light know that light equals mood. Combining the luminance of table lamps with floor lamps, ceiling fixtures, candles, and more can create varying atmospheres—even within the same room.

5. Striped French Chic Oui pots are the perfect way to bring a slice of Paris to your vanity—they’re the ideal vessels for jewelry, makeup brushes, lip gloss, and other accoutrements.

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Here’s how to bring it to life:

1. Using French Countryside pattern-festooned Oui pots as perfect mini-planters, you can bring a piece of the outside in—just add your favorite culinary herbs, decorative plants, or even dried plants like lavender.

2. Create a botanical wonderland! French Countryside homes are resplendent with flowers, but also floral patterns, which you’ll find on curtains, furniture, throw pillows, and more.

3. Light, bright colors like pale yellows and pure whites balance out any space by providing an air of elegance.

4. French Countryside style is all about keeping things easy and comfortable—instead of straight lines, opt for curved furniture like rounded tables and curvy, plush couches and chairs for your seating areas.

5. Rustic, weathered elements, like distressed wood furnishings and antiques, complete the look by creating a warm atmosphere that says, “A well-lived life is happening right here.”

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