From Hair Products to Home Finds, These Are the Best Products Our Shopping Editors Purchased in 2022

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As one year comes to an end and another year begins, it’s only natural to reflect on all you have experienced over the past 365 days. During these final days of the year, people often think about goals, experiences, and habits that have worked well for them (and those that have not). As shopping writers, we definitely think about these things too—but our conversations with each other and with our families and friends tend to circle back to the products we have loved throughout the year. 

Behind the scenes, we’re a unique group of people with completely different styles, but our interests intersect with makeup and skincare, fashion, home, cooking, and travel. We also live in places that are as varied as the things we love: Some of us live in big cities, others are more quietly tucked away in the suburbs, and we experience every climate thanks to the fact that our residences span throughout different regions of the United States.

This year we’ve found jeans that we can’t stop recommending to friends, uncovered two must-have hair products, happened upon a mini refrigerator that’s funky and functional (especially for small space living), discovered the joys of robot vacuums that keep pet hair and allergies at bay, and so much more. 

Below, as a group who literally shops for a living, we’re each sharing the very best product we purchased in 2022 along with the reasons why we think you need it too. Whether you’re shopping for items to stay cozy at home, looking to upgrade your wardrobe, or planning a trip to remember, we’ve got you covered with our finds from Amazon, Spanx, Revolve, and Target, starting at just $24. 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera


Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera

“I bought this cute little camera on a whim as one does while walking around Target, and I’m so happy I did. From a friend’s bachelorette party to a vacation in Bali, this adorable camera helped me capture memories in the old-timey way—via an actual printed photo. Having these on-hand has made parties more fun and gave me a way to make gifts around the holidays more special as I’ve added photos from the year to each present I’ve wrapped. The camera couldn’t be easier to use and ordering the film is a breeze. Best purchase ever.” —Ariel Scotti, Commerce Partnerships Writer

To buy: $60 (was $77);

eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S


Eufy by Anker BoostIQ RoboVac 11S Robot Vacuum

“My partner and I adopted two rescue kittens this year, and I have allergies, so being able to keep up with pet hair and dust is a must. To avoid breaking out the stick vacuum every other day to clean our floors, we snagged this robot vacuum while it was on sale and never looked back. It’s so much easier to just let it do it’s thing (and use the remote to guide it around obstacles if needed, since we do live in a tiny New York City apartment) than it is to manually vacuum, and because of that, we’re able to vacuum much more frequently than we would have otherwise. Now we have clean floors and two happy cats—a perfect combination.” —Brittney Morgan, Associate Editorial Director

To buy: $120 (was $229);

Ankle Skinny Jeans, Midnight Shade


Spanx Midnight Shade Ankle Skinny Jeans

“I really wanted to find a new pair of jeans that were comfortable and had a not-too-long length for my 5-foot-2-inch frame, and I landed on the Spanx Midnight Shade Ankle Skinny Jeans. I’m a big fan of the fact that I can dress them up with flats, boots, or wedges just as easily as I can pair them more casually with sneakers or sandals. Most of all, I love that these jeans feel like I’m wearing a pair of leggings—and I wear them multiple times each week as a result. Although my first pair of Spanx jeans was a gift from the brand, I happily returned and purchased additional pairs on my own. The skinny jeans are absolutely worth the price, and I highly recommend them!” —Carly Totten, Senior Commerce Writer

To buy: $128;

Coway Airmega AP-1512HH


Coway Airmega AP-1512HH(W) True HEPA Purifier

“I didn’t realize how much I needed an air purifier until I got this Coway HEPA purifier. What I love most about this is that it alerts me when the air is dirty, by turning purple or red. The light changed color when our furnace was broken, and it also went off when we were doing some painting in the house, so I know it is picking up all types of hazards in the air. When this happens, I turn up the fan and close the doors, and it cleans the air in five minutes or so. The satisfaction of clean air is very thrilling!” —Dwyer Frame, Commerce Senior Vice President

To buy: $179 (was $225);

Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal


Briogeo Scalp Revival Exfoliating Shampoo

“I’ve struggled with extremely oily hair my whole life and have tried countless shampoos and treatments throughout the years. After the Briogeo Scalp Revival Exfoliating Shampoo went viral on TikTok, I decided to give it a try and am already on my second container. Adding the minty-smelling shampoo to my hair care routine a couple of times a week has effectively gotten rid of any build-up on my scalp and drastically reduced my oily hair. Before, I couldn’t go a day without washing my hair without getting greasy roots and now I can go a couple of days without build-up!—Gabriela Izquierdo, Commerce Writer

To buy: $41;

Galanz Retro Compact Mini Fridge


Galanz Retro Compact Mini Fridge with Freezer

“My favorite purchases are extremely functional ones that I touch everyday, especially if they build good habits, and this nostalgic mini fridge exemplifies my taste. When I moved into my apartment in New York City, I immediately realized that our fridge was narrow. It was too small for three roommates to realistically share, especially considering that one of us liked meal prepping. For me, I love a good beverage in hand, so even my desire for a sleeve of Diet Cokes would be crowding our limited space. Although I agonized over the price, this little unit—in a stylish retro design, because why not make it aesthetic?—includes an adjustable thermostat, separate freezer compartment, a fruit and vegetable crisper, and removable shelf and door shelves. Most importantly, it paid for itself five times over by allowing me to stock up on more groceries and frozen foods, as well as to save takeout leftovers. While I’m still struggling to cook more for myself, having actual personal fridge space encouraged me to do so more often rather than make excuses.” —Grace Smith, Commerce Writer

To buy: $281;

Cherie High Rise Straight


Agolde Cherie High Rise Straight in Merit

“I’m obsessed with these Agolde jeans. The straight-leg fit is just the right level of relaxed to not look extremely baggy, and they’re so comfortable I can actually leave them on when I’m working from home instead of changing into sweats. I typically struggle to find pants that are long enough, and these are the perfect length. They’re easy to throw on to run errands, while also being cute enough to wear out to dinner.” —Lauren Taylor, Commerce Writer

To buy: $188;

 Rubbermaid 6-Piece Produce Saver Containers


Rubbermaid Six-Piece Produce Saver Container Set

“With the recommendation of several shopping editors, I purchased the Rubbermaid produce savers after tossing one too many bags of spinach away—and I seriously wish I bought them sooner. The set comes with one medium and two large containers with built-in vent filters and elevated bases to regulate the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide while separating produce from moisture. Now my strawberries, blueberries, lettuce, and peppers last for a full week if not longer, which is a game-changer in a one-person household.” —Lily Gray, Associate Commerce Editor

To buy: $28 (was $33);

Melonberry Hair Milk Leave-In Conditioner


Adwoa Beauty Melonberry Hair Milk Leave-In Conditioner

“During one of my countless visits to Sephora this year, I was looking for something light and moisturizing to help keep my hair in check and was immediately drawn to the pretty pink bottle. I'm a sucker for aesthetics, but luckily this styler didn't disappoint. This magic milk lets me spend as little time as possible styling my tresses. Despite being a cream formula, it never weighs down my fine hair and adds bounce and volume while defining my waves so I can let my strands air-dry and do their thing. My hair behaves without needing five different products because the leave-in milk has so many benefits.” —Wendy Vazquez, Commerce Writer

To buy: $24;

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