Put an End to Spring Allergies With This Dyson Air Purifier and Cooling Fan That’s $100 Off at Amazon

Shop the spring sale and see some serious savings.

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Dyson Pure Cool TP01 Air Purifier and Fan Tout

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Now that flowers are in peak bloom and warmer days are here to stay, spring allergies have subsequently reached their seasonal high. If you’re one of many who have been affected by the efflux of pollen and dust, you know just how important it is to make sure your home’s air quality is kept as clean and as possible. Enter this luxurious air purifier and cooling fan that’s currently $100 off at Amazon. 

The Dyson Pure Cool TP01 Air Purifier and Fan catches harmful particles with its filtration system to provide streamlined air throughout your home. And due to the device’s multi-functional design, it can continue cleaning while also sending out cool air to keep you feeling refreshed on warmer days. It’s the perfect combination of devices to help keep your air-flow pure and chilled throughout the year. 

Dyson Pure Cool TP01 Air Purifier and Fan


To buy: $300 (was $400); amazon.com.

Designed with a tall and sleek tower shape, the air purifier and fan hybrid can be placed anywhere in your home and has the power to clean and cool an entire room. It has no blades or grilles, making it quietly effective, kid and pet friendly, and easy to clean. Plus, it can be controlled from a distance with its portable remote control. Bonus: It’s magnetic, so you can stick the remote right to the Dyson device when you’re not using it (no more turning up couch cushions trying to find it!)

For purifying purposes, the cleaning tool traps pollen, dust, pet-dander and unwanted smells with its 360 degree HEPA filter system. According to Dyson, it captures 99.97 percent of particles, even the tiniest (0.3 microns) in size. And when it’s time to change filters, the Dyson device makes it simple to swap out—simply turn it off and unplug it, press the two side buttons to release the air amplifier from the top, then remove the filter from the base and toss it out. The fan even alerts you with an automatic notification, so you don’t have to worry about checking it or keeping track of when you change it.

With the Dyson’s cooling power, you can forget about having to crank up the air conditioning on those warmer days and summer nights. The air purifier remains running as the cooling effect works to bring your room’s temperature down a few degrees. It can spread air from across the room with its wide-range oscillating feature. Plus, when it’s time for bed, there is a sleep mode that turns off the device’s light after 10 seconds, so your air can continue circulating while you sleep soundly. 

The popular Dyson model has more than 1,000 five-star ratings, and shoppers love how quickly and accurately the purifying fan works in their home. One shopper who uses it for their allergies said they noticed “an immediate difference in air quality,” while another shopper who naturally tends to run hot added, “I never had a fan cool so well before, unless it was an air conditioner.” 

“[It’s] so simple to assemble, blows cooler air, [and] keeps an average sized bedroom temperature controlled and cooled,” a third shopper wrote. “[The] remote control easily reaches the fan from across the room. This fan is true quality and will be something I can rely on for years to come.”

“First night in and I love it,” another shopper wrote. “I woke for the first time in months without watery eyes and a sore throat. I seriously recommend it if you suffer from allergies.” 

End those pesky spring allergies for good and shop the Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier and Fan at Amazon while it’s on sale. 

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