Mocktail Kits That’ll Elevate Your Dry January

Get everything you need for nonalcoholic cocktails so good you won’t miss the buzz.


Whether you’re sober-curious, partaking in Dry January, or just looking for something to mix up your cocktail or mocktail routine, you’ll find more and more zero-proof beverage options out there that go way beyond a simple soda or Shirley Temple.

You can opt for mocktail kits that are perfect for the mixologist, coming with everything you need to whip up a non-alcoholic drink–including fancy garnishes and cocktail accessories. For others (especially the everything-but-the-booze cocktail kits), you might need to make a second purchase of some non-alcoholic spirits to help round out the flavor of your alcohol-free cocktail. And if you’re not in the mood to mix it up yourself, there are several pre-made mocktail options that you can just pour and enjoy (perhaps adding a lemon wheel or a cherry for an extra pop).

Zero-Proof Cocktail Kits

You can still have the fun of tinkering with syrups and shrubs when you mix up your own non-alcoholic cocktails—and these fun mocktail kits feature everything you need (sometimes including glassware and bar tools too).

We Are Raising the Bar

We Are Raising the Bar Mocktail Kit

We Are Raising the Bar

This stellar subscription set comes with everything you need to build a few delicious alcohol-free cocktails, using shrubs, syrups, seltzers, mixers, and garnishes. Bonus: The kits come with a cool new bar tool every month (like pretty gold garnish picks), so you’ll slowly develop a more upgraded bar setup to make your mocktail hour even fancier.

Price at time of publish: From $51/month

The Dry Goods Beverage Company

Dry Goods Beverage Company Mai Tai Mocktail Kit

Dry Goods Beverage Company

You can test out an array of different non-alcoholic beverage options on this site, which includes non-alcoholic wines and spirits, alongside their mocktail kits. Their mocktail kits feature both classic (and fun) cocktails like mai tais, margaritas, and mojitos, alongside fruit-infused spritzers. You may need to stock up on a few fresh ingredients (like limes or lemons) to make these mocktails happen.

Price at time of publish: From $42


Nonalcoholic Nogroni Cocktail Bundle from Boisson


This non-alcoholic beverage shopping site stocks their own kits with non-alcoholic spirits and mixers for zero-proof twists on classic cocktails, like a “Nogroni,” “Nold-Fashioned,” or hot toddy. You’ll get full-sized bottles to serve plenty of mocktails—and some kits come with the glassware or bar tools you need to raise a glass. 

Price at time of publish: From $36

Shaker and Spoon

Shaker and Spoon Mocktail Kit

Shaker and Spoon

If you’re looking to please both mocktail and cocktail fans, this fan-favorite cocktail subscription box has a whole range of kits crafted by master mixologists that can be easily converted to zero-proof mocktails. (They provide the recipe variations to make that easy.)

Shaker and Spoon kits feature all the mixers and garnishes for each recipe, plus easy-to-follow directions to make it booze-free. Plus you can check out technique videos, reorder bitters, mixers, and garnishes for your favorite recipes, and stock up on bar tools you need for your setup.

(Note: A few other of our favorite cocktail delivery services offer non-alcoholic cocktail options, but Shaker and Spoon has a larger variety of mocktails to share.)

Price at time of publish: From $15


Monday Zero-Proof Cocktail Kit


Monday offers kits that feature their brand of zero-alcohol whiskey, gin, and mezcal, with syrups, sodas, and garnishes to make zero-proof classic cocktails like martinis, bee’s knees, and whiskey sours. 

Price at time of publish: From $39

Ready-Made Mocktails

If you don’t want to bother with mixing and measuring, you can still get a tasty non-alcoholic drink that you can just pour and enjoy (and perhaps just pop in a lime wedge or a few cherries as a fun garnish).


Parch Agave Cocktail Paloma


These agave-based mocktails are a nice option for people who love tequila and mezcal-based drinks. They come in two flavors: Piñarita (a spicy combo of pineapple, prickly pear, and mole bitters), and Palomas, with hints of citrus, jicama, and prickly pear.

Price at time of publish: From $40 for 8 cans

De Soi

De Soi Mocktail Bottle Bundle

De Soi

These sparkling non-alcoholic spritzers feature adaptogenic ingredients like ashwaganda, tart cherry, lemon balm, reishi mushrooms, and passion flowers that may help your body manage stress as you sip. (Fun fact: Katy Perry is a co-founder of the company.)

Price at time of publish: From $25


Sunwink Mocktail Tonics


These organic sparkling tonics feature superfood ingredients like ginger, lemon balm, mint, ashwaganda, and hibiscus—and make a perfect non-alcoholic alternative to a spritzer or other fizzy cocktail.

Price at time of publish: $50 for 12 bottles

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