This New Clarifying Toner and Serum Combo Balanced My Skin While Banishing Breakouts—and It’s Only $6

I noticed a difference in just a few days.

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Dickinson's serum + toner review

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In order for me to stay on top of my skin's needs, my skincare routine is constantly changing. Some days I need to focus on hydration and recovery; other days, I'm dealing with a burst of new breakouts, and I arrange a treatment plan accordingly.

I've always had a bottle of Dickinson's original witch-hazel-powered toner on hand, so when the brand announced its new two-in-one Clearing Toner + Serum and offered me a sample, I was eager to try it. The concentrated four-in-one toner-serum hybrid works to detoxify, exfoliate, balance, and clear skin with a gentle cocktail of salicylic acid, naturally distilled witch hazel, and tea tree leaf extract. By also infusing the formula with high-performance niacinamide, anti-inflammatory eucalyptus, and healing aloe, this toner-serum combo calms while smoothing out my sensitive skin—and degunking my chronically congested pores.

Dickinson's serum + toner review


To buy: $6 with coupon (was $9);

Dickinson's Clearing Toner + Serum is also developed without harsh dyes, sulfates, gluten, parabens, or phthalates. The wildly effective recipe combines two skincare steps, simplifying my routine and improving my skin's texture without feeling stripped—did I mention that it's also outrageously affordable? Don't get me wrong, I love my high-end skincare finds, but it always feels more satisfying when I can switch it up with something more budget-friendly. With a clickable on-page coupon for $3, you can get this normally-$9 toner and serum for just $6.

Anytime I see a pimple, I'll use this in my evening routine. After I finish cleansing, I use two pumps of the toner-serum and slather it over my face, neck, and chest. (Yes, I get the occasional blemish on my body, too!) It takes just a few minutes to dry down, and I'll follow with a gel moisturizer or facial oil. Within a few days, I notice my skin starting to clear, and I'll continue to use it until I'm blemish-free, which usually takes about a week for me.

If you're searching for an affordable solution to banish breakouts, try Dickinson's Clearing Toner + Serum. Shop it now while it’s on sale at Amazon for just $6.

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