Shoppers Love This Absorbent Bath Mat That ‘Stays in Place,’ and It’s Only $20

The soft and sturdy mat is on sale for up to 33 percent off.

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DEXI Bathroom Rug Mat Tout

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A bathroom should be a sanctuary where we can scrub the long day away and refresh for the next. Luckily, turning the bathroom into a spa-like oasis only requires simple and affordable upgrades. There’s no need for a major transformation to make the bathroom more luxurious when easy additions like the Dexi Bathroom Mat exist. The mat elevates your space with its highly-absorbent and plush feel. For a limited time, get it for up to 33 percent off. 

The mat is made of super-absorbent microfiber material that feels plush. Made of thousands of individual shags, the rug is soft on the foot, a welcome relief against cold bathroom tile and hard flooring. The high-piled microfiber dries quickly, so you won’t be greeted with a soggy mat when stepping out of the shower. One five-star reviewer even noted that the “soft” rug doesn’t leave footprints behind “when you walk across it.”

DEXI Bathroom Rug Mat Light Grey


To buy: From $20 (was $30);

In order to prevent shedding, the mat has fiber-locking technology that secures them in place. The fibers aren’t the only part of the mat that is secure. The bottom of the rug’s textured design is made of TP rubber (thermoplastic rubber) which keeps the mat locked in one spot. Another five-star reviewer “Found this to be the best rug for stepping in and out of the shower” as it “firmly stays in place.”

To ensure that the mat stays put, place it over dry flooring. Setting the rug on top of a wet floor can cause it to slip around. The rugs are machine washable and hold up to repeated washings for a fresh and clean bathroom carpet that’ll last.

DEXI Bathroom Rug Mat White


To buy: From $20 (was $30);

The 16- by 24-inch mat is currently on sale for 33 percent off. However, there are larger available sizes including: 20- by 32-inch, 24- by 36-inch, and 24- by 43-inch options. Find the perfect fit for your bathroom with six color options: black, white, navy, gray, light gray, and beige.

For a lush bath mat that stays in place and quickly absorbs water, get the 16- by 24-inch Dexi Bathroom Mat while it’s on sale for 33 percent off at Amazon.

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