10 Clever IKEA Storage Hacks That Will Totally Makeover Your Home

Up the storage (and style) quotient of any space with these budget-friendly ideas.

Finding the perfect organizational system for your home can take a lot of trial and error—and, sometimes, a hefty budget. Landing on the right solution for your space usually involves more than just scoring some storage baskets on sale and calling it a day. To truly devise long-term storage solutions for your home that actually work, you need to rely on a thoughtful mix of form, function, and budget.

Custom storage and organizational solutions are great—there’s really no better way to make the most of your space than with cabinetry or a piece of furniture that was designed especially for it—but they can get really expensive, really quick. Luckily, there are a ton of DIY ideas out there that can help you fake custom storage at half the cost (but still all the function). Everyone’s favorite Swedish retailer IKEA is particularly reliable for these types of hacks, providing enterprising homeowners with quality bones to work with that result in some truly ingenious organizational solutions. To help inspire some of that weekend warrior energy in you, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite IKEA storage hacks below.

Create a Slatted Wall Display

slatted wall display

Kristina Steinmetz for ICH Designer

Sometimes, all you need is a fresh perspective to come up with a totally genius storage solution. Take for example, this IKEA hack from designer Kristina Steinmetz. She took a LURÖY slatted bed base and hung it vertically on the wall of her kitchen, using the planks to corral all sorts of extras, from a utensil caddy and serving board to a clipboard recipe display.

Design a Luxe Library

large library room in home

Mandi Johnson for A Beautiful Mess

A cozy at-home library is the stuff of many people’s dreams—that is, until you realize how expensive they can be to build from scratch. If you’re hoping to score the same look (and all that storage) on a budget, try utilizing BILLY bookcases as the base instead. The team behind A Beautiful Mess relied on the classic IKEA mainstay to form the “shell” of this expansive bookcase, adding various pieces of base and crown molding to mimic a completely custom look. The end result? A stylish spot to stash everything from books to objects and artwork.

Get Creative With Curves

ikea bookcase

Drew Michael Scott for Lone Fox Home

Upon first glance, it’s almost unfathomable that this luxe piece had its start as a single BILLY bookcase—but it did! Designer Drew Michael Scott of Lone Fox Home transformed the basic design with totally of-the-moment details, like curved edges and slatted sides. While the entire process took a bit more work than the average weekend DIY, the end result is well worth it, providing Scott with a sleek spot for displaying various vintage treasures, coffee table books, and more.

Fake a Custom Closet 

ikea closet storage

Kelin Zhao for Hydrangea Treehouse

A small closet space in creator Kelin Zhao’s closet got a major organizational makeover, thanks to IKEA’s TROFAST storage system and a little creativity. Instead of letting the contents of her closet (including sewing and crafting supplies) cause chaos, Zhao opted to sneak in a few TROFAST towers—along with wire baskets, paint, and some strategic molding—for a completely custom look.

Upgrade Your WFH Zone

custom desk for home office

Brittni Mehlhoff for Paper & Stitch

If you’re tired of your Zoom background being a teetering tower of unfiled paperwork, this next IKEA storage hack is for you. A good desk (with ample storage) is key to making the most of your home office, and this DIY standing version boasts all the available space you could need. Creator Brittni Mehlhoff used two IKEA IVAR cabinets as the “legs” of this standing desk, bridging the gap between them with a piece of pine board. The best part? The size of this desk is completely customizable, since you can space the cabinets as far apart as you’d like (which is perfect if you WFH with a spouse or roommate).

Paint on a Pattern

IKEA cabinet painted with patterned design

Leia of @henry.andhome

Many of IKEA’s most popular storage pieces come in raw wood, making them the ideal blank slate for anyone who wants to add a custom touch via paint (or even peel-and-stick wallpaper!). Creator Leia of @henry.andhome gave IKEA’s IVAR sliding cabinet a playful upgrade in her children’s playroom, painting on the various botanical leaves for a piece that encapsulates childhood wonder (and childhood clutter).

Think Outside the Box

dining room nook with high ceilings and large windows

Chris Wharton for HUSK

We had to take several seats the first time we saw this IKEA storage hack—it’s just that good. The team behind HUSK used pieces from the BESTA storage system to create a custom banquette that is as comfortable as it is functional. Plush upholstery adds a dose of comfort, completing this multifunctional look.

Rethink Clothing Storage

ikea storage


While a clever hack can certainly involve a hammer, nails, and some elbow grease, sometimes it just entails using a piece of furniture in a different way than how it was intended. Case in point: This creative take on IKEA’s BRUSALI Shoe cabinet from @thehousethatjessbuilt, which utilizes the piece in place of a traditional tallboy dresser to house clothes in the fold-out drawers. It’s a great way to sneak in some slim storage if you’re working with a particularly narrow space.

Add a Geometric Touch

red painted ikea storage cabinets

HD Design Co.

IKEA is known for its simple, streamlined shapes—but if that’s not your vibe, you can still have plenty of creative freedom with their pieces. The key? Adding graphic elements to existing IKEA furniture to give it a whole new shape entirely. Here, designer Hannah Drakeford transformed four IKEA IVAR cabinets into the bold storage unit of her dreams using add-on elements (like half-moon arched tops and geometric shapes). Feeling bold? Splash on a gutsy paint hue to add even more personality.

Mix Up Your Materials

blue custom wardrobe


Adding a touch of fabric is a surefire way to make anything feel more custom (and expensive). To level up a wall with an IKEA PAX wardrobe system, the creator behind @johannainteriors swapped traditional door fronts for ruched fabric in a charming gingham check print. Bonus: The forgiving fabric will grant you a little extra room when hanging bulky clothes or outerwear.

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