Only Real Simple Readers Can Snag a Discount on This Foot Mask That Makes My Callused Runner’s Feet Baby-Soft

It’s the most grossly satisfying part of my beauty routine.

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Dermora Foot Peel Mask

As a runner, my feet take a beating from carrying me through miles against the pavement in my sneakers, but they also support me while I do strength and conditioning workouts, take my dog for long walks through the park, and stand for hours on-end at my home desk. Long story short, my feet are covered in calluses and hard, dry, dead patches of skin. It’s not pretty, but I’ve long since accepted this as a fact I’d have to live with. Until I tried this mask

I received a sample of the Dermora Foot Peel Mask last year to test out and, I have to admit, my expectations were low. My attitude didn’t change after I finished the mask and saw no change in the skin on my feet—but then a butterfly-like metamorphosis happened just a few days later. It was gross, and I’ll spare you all the grizzly details, but after my feet finished shedding the cocoon of my old layer of skin, a new, ridiculously baby-soft pair of feet emerged that I couldn’t even recognize. 

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Dermora Foot Peel Mask Tout


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If I read the product description in full before using this mask, I would have known that it takes a few days to see the full effect. The brand says that after sliding your feet into the bootie-like masks and relaxing for 60 minutes, the skin on your feet will start to peel away in six to 11 days thanks to its blend of botanical acids and extracts. In just three days, this is exactly what I experienced, and while I felt a bit like a snake, the results have been incredible. 

In fact, I loved that first sample so much, I’ve purchased several more masks in different scents, like coconut, lemongrass, peach, rose, and tea tree to stock up so that I never have to be without this mask. More than 31,000 Amazon shoppers agreed and left five-star ratings for the mask. One reviewer said they “tried just about everything” on their “badly neglected” feet, like pumice stones, graters, other masks, and professional pedicures, but they never saw results like they did from the Dermora mask. Now, they say they have “beautiful, baby-soft feet” that “haven't looked this good in almost 15 years.”

Give your own feet the makeover they deserve by ordering the Dermora Foot Peel Mask today while it’s still on sale. And don't forget to use our code SEPDDM20 for an extra 20 percent off.

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