David Kuchta

David Kuchta
Title: Freelance Writer
Education: Wesleyan University, University of California, Berkeley
Location: Portland, Maine
Expertise: Solar Energy, Gardening, Plants, Electric Vehicles

David has 10 years of experience in gardening, 5 years working in a greenhouse, and has read widely in environmental history and the energy transition.


David Kuchta is a historian, author, gardener, and educator. He has been an environmental activist since the 1970s. After 20 years of teaching in academia, he has taught creative writing and has been an editor and professional writer for the past seven years.


David has a Ph.D. in European history from the University of California, Berkeley, with an award-winning book of academic history and many articles and reviews to his name. He has also been an editor and writer at two educational publishers for the past seven years.

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