The ‘Tiny but Mighty’ Diffuser and Humidifier With Near-Perfect Ratings Is Steeply Discounted at Target

It has seven LED light settings and a modern wood design.

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Dartwood Premium Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser and Humidifier

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Because the quality of the air we breathe can affect everything from respiratory and skin health to mood, it may be worthwhile to adorn your nightstand with air-improvement devices. Particularly during the winter when the air outside is dry and the heat inside is too (and stuffy noses abound), it’s important to equip your home with devices that add moisture. But sometimes, improving the air with specialized devices leads to clutter that will make you just want to bury your head. Instead, look for multi-purpose products that produce more benefits than one. 

Enter, the two-in-one Dartwood Premium Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser and Humidifier. This dual-purpose device delivers the benefits of both a diffuser and humidifier with just one modest footprint. And right now, you can get it for 31 percent off at Target. 

Dartwood Premium Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser and Humidifier


To buy: $48 (was $70);

Each of the device’s two main functions can easily stand alone. It restores moisture to dry indoor air, and disperses essential oils to create a calming effect while displacing less pleasant scents. Two-in-one functionality gives this device a leg up, but its thoughtful design is also noteworthy. The Dartwood Diffuser and Humidifier features a sleek round modern shape and smooth wood finish that manages to feel high-design. No larger than a standard bouquet vase, the 6-inch device holds 300 milliliters of water to get the job done without the need for constant refills. And it doesn’t just turn water into steam and mist essential oil molecules around the room. It’s adorned with an LED nightlight that you can set to project one of seven different colors. 

For convenience, the machine boasts four timer options to automatically shut off after one hour, three hours, or six hours, or when the water runs out—an important safety feature, particularly if you use the device to run constantly during the night to moisturize the air while you sleep. 

Shoppers have raved about the device, with it receiving a near perfect five-star rating. More than than 800 reviewers shared their positive experience, with a number of people discussing its sleep benefits. One shopper shared that “it really helps [them] to get a good sleep,” also noting that it’s very quiet. Shoppers also said that they like the product not just for its functionality, but for serving as decor, too. One shopper shared that “the shape and wood texture is pretty and light functions are great,” while adding that it “does a great job of adding a gorgeous scent” to their home. 

Another shopper said that they replaced their air purifier with this device, which helped their “nose bleeds and congestion end.” They also said the fragrance is “divine,” and that they use a “combination of eucalyptus and orange” to fall asleep. Other oil scents that shoppers have enjoyed include peppermint and lavender. Some have opted to switch out candles in favor of the diffuser. Shoppers are also buying multiple devices to place around the house, with one person describing it as “tiny but mighty.”

If you’re looking to add some moisture back into your home, along with a light fragrance, shop the Dartwood Premium Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser and Humidifier while it’s still on sale at Target.

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