Like Bright Colors? You'll Love Crate & Barrel's Collab With Chef Molly Baz

We need these wine glasses.

Crate & Barrel Collaboration with Molly Baz, colorful kitchen tools

Crate & Barrel

Love bringing color to your kitchen and dining table? Here is some good news for you! Chef and creator Molly Baz just launched a collaboration with Crate & Barrel based on her signature aesthetic. With 61 vibrantly-hued pieces, the only problem is deciding what to buy.

“When you enter the kitchen, you should feel inspired to create and Molly Baz is the perfect partner to design a line of kitchen and entertaining essentials that motivates you to do just that and with a high dose of joy and fun,” says Sebastian Brauer, senior vice president of product design at Crate & Barrel. “Just like her bright recipes and entertaining tips, this new collection is a lively addition to the kitchen, with bold pops of color and uniquely modern shapes and textures.”

Baz was equally enthused to develop this line with the brand, which was two years in the making. “It all felt very organic and aligned from the get-go—the Crate team totally got my vision for this collection,” explains the chef. “My husband, Ben Willett (a designer), worked very closely with the design team at Crate to bring all my ideas to life, and we had a total blast doing it. I think most of all I felt truly supported by them in making my vision a reality, from the list of [products] to the materials and color palette.”

Here’s what you need to know about the collection, as well as some helpful tips from Baz.

Molly Baz and Crate & Barrel wooden cutting bowl with rounded handle

Crate & Barrel

This line has so many great pieces ranging from $9.95 to $129.95, the hard part narrowing down which products to buy. If you’re a committed home cook, Baz suggests going with the prep tools, salt crock, cutting boards ($80,, and condiment caddy. 

Beige salad bowl

Crate & Barrel

“If you’re more of an ‘order takeout but set the table’ type of person, the colored glassware, oversized Caesar Salad bowl ($50,, trivets, and serving platters will make any type of meal more delicious,” says Baz. “After all, we eat with our eyes, and the vessels you serve and eat out of all factor into that.”

Wine glasses with colorful stems

Crate & Barrel

Whether you’re imbibing wine, cocktails, or just water, most of us could probably use extra glassware. “The wine glasses [$15,] and rocks glasses so beautifully reflect light and bounce it around the table at dinner time (especially under candlelight—our candleholders are also so stunning!), it’s really something to behold.”

Blue zig-zag trivet

Crate & Barrel

The cookbook author is also a fan of the multi-colored silicone trivets ($20, “I think these are oft-overlooked items in the kitchen.” Available in blue, red, and yellow, these trivets add the perfect pop of color to tables that have white dishes and serving pieces. “How often do you find yourself at the table with a hot skillet or pot, scrambling to locate something heat-proof to rest it on? For me, it’s often, and I love that these trivets can stay on the table once the meal has been cleared, as little playful pieces of art.” 

Off-white ice bucket with red handles and tongs

Crate & Barrel

Everything in the collection is great for creating fun and easy tablescapes. Many of the items even have multiple uses, explains Baz. “Bringing in an element of unexpected makes the eating experience a lot more fun. Case in point—the ice bucket ($70, that has functioned many more times in my household as a serving bucket for fried chicken or crispy potatoes than it has for holding ice.”

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