This Is How Much a Thanksgiving Turkey Costs in Every State

Thanks, inflation.

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Thanks to inflation, supply chain issues, rising food prices, and a handful of other factors, shopping for Thanksgiving will likely be more expensive this year than it has been in years past. However, exactly how much you spend on your Thanksgiving dinner depends largely on where you live. To that end, the folks at FinanceBuzz compiled a list of turkey prices in every state to find out where home cooks can expect to pay the most and least for their Thanksgiving meal.

According to the findings, Americans can expect to pay an average of $34.15 for a frozen 15-pound turkey this year, which translates to about $2.28 per pound. Not surprisingly, those not living in the contiguous United States can expect to purchase the most expensive birds. On the other hand, Thanksgiving turkeys are the least expensive in several southern and midwestern states. Curious to know exactly where turkeys are the most (and least) expensive? Keep reading for more!

States With the Most Expensive Thanksgiving Turkeys

Since live turkeys aren’t plentiful in Hawaii and Alaska, and thus must be shipped to both of those locations, residents of those states can expect to pay the most for a Thanksgiving turkey, with Hawaii taking the top spot.


The average price for a turkey in Hawaii is $50.35—the highest price in the nation and roughly 47 percent more than the national average. However, this isn’t exactly sticker shock for those who live in the Aloha State, which is consistently ranked as the most expensive state to live in due to the high cost of goods on the islands.


Citizens of Alaska can expect to pay an average of $49.85 for their Thanksgiving bird, in part because Alaska is the only U.S. state without a native turkey population. That high price is more than $15 more than the national average.

South Carolina

As far as the contiguous United States are concerned, South Carolina is the most expensive state to purchase a turkey, with a 15-pound frozen bird costing approximately $38.85.


Residents of Idaho fare slightly better than South Carolinians, as turkeys in the Gem State cost an average of $37.85.


Minnesota ties with Idaho, selling Thanksgiving turkeys that cost an average of $37.85.


Since California is one of 10 states that has the highest average grocery costs, it’s no surprise that Thanksgiving turkeys are pretty pricey. Californians can expect to pay about $37.35 for a 15-pound bird.


If you’re buying a large turkey in Massachusetts, you can expect to pay an average of $37.35 for your dinner.

New Jersey

The same goes for residents of the Garden State, who should also be prepared to see a price tag of about $37.35 on their Thanksgiving turkeys.

New York

New York, which is another state that has some of the highest average grocery costs in the nation, boasts an average turkey price of $37.35.


Washington is yet another state where a 15-pound Thanksgiving turkey will set shoppers back approximately $37.35.


In Georgia, as is the case in California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Washington, Thanksgiving turkeys cost an average of $37.35.

States With the Least Expensive Thanksgiving Turkeys

If you’re looking to find some of the least expensive turkeys in the nation, head to the South. While some southern states have expensive turkeys, many others (along with some midwestern locales) offer more reasonable prices.


The cheapest turkeys in the nation can be found in Mississippi, where shoppers can expect to spend about $26.35 for a Thanksgiving bird. That amount is more than $7 cheaper than the national average.


Shoppers in the Lone Star State should expect to spend about $28.30 for a frozen 15-pound turkey.


Like consumers in Texas, residents of Utah will spend an estimated $28.30 on their Thanksgiving turkey.


To buy a turkey in Iowa, shoppers will need to fork over just north of $29—$29.10 to be exact.


In Florida, the average cost of a Thanksgiving turkey is $29.80—more than $4 below the national average.


Residents of Arizona can still expect to spend less than $30 for their turkeys, since the birds cost an average of $29.85.


Same goes for Louisiana, where the average cost of a Thanksgiving turkey is also $29.85.


For residents of Nebraska, the cost of turkey jumps $1 to an average of $30.85.


Oklahomans shopping for a Thanksgiving turkey should be prepared to spend about $31.20 for the star of the holiday dinner table.

New Mexico

And last but certainly not least, residents of New Mexico can buy a 15-pound Thanksgiving turkey for roughly $31.35.

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