I’m Notoriously Picky About Bed Pillows, and This Hybrid Pillow Finally Won Me Over

It supports any sleep position, too.

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Coop The Original Pillow


I am notoriously picky when it comes to bed pillows. While I used to be able to sink into the cool luxury of a hotel pillow, nowadays I’ll lie awake for ages when I’m away from my own bed. I love a squishy, supportive memory foam, and I’ve been known to pack my pillow in my suitcase—even when it takes up the bulk of the space. This past summer, I discovered a new favorite pillow, one that elevated my standard even higher.

When Coop sent me The Original pillow in a queen size to try, I was a skeptic. As a product reviewer, I’ve tried many different pillows, but none have made me want to give up the memory foam basics I’ve slept on since college. I’m picky enough that even one night of sleep with a pillow I don’t love turns me into the likes of the Princess and the Pea, so venturing into the unknown sounded unappetizing. 

Upon opening, I noticed its texture and puffiness. Made from the brand’s proprietary blend of medium firm, cross-cut memory foam and microfiber fill, The Original pillow offers adjustable comfort with extra fill included in your package if you’re looking for something a bit fluffier. I slept with the pillow as-is, curious about its shape and comfort. If I’d wanted to add more volume, I could have added up to a half-pound of additional fill.

Coop The Original Pillow


To buy: From $72; coophomegoods.com.

My previous pillows emphasized the memory foam aspect; they felt heavy in a way I sank into every night. Coop’s version is airier. If I pressed down on it and then removed my hand, the pillow would expand back to its normal shape pretty quickly. The weight-to-plush combination feels like the best of both worlds, and the shredded fill allows me to shape my pillow however I’d like. This was especially helpful on nights after tough workouts in which my sore neck benefited from this pillow’s support.

My sleep position varies: I sleep on my back, side, and stomach throughout the night. And I occasionally sleep with a pillow over most of my face to block the noise from the cityscape outside. The Original has experienced a myriad of arrangements and uses in my testing, and it’s been comfortable for each. 

The next breaking point for me is usually temperature. I tend to run warm while I sleep, even though I love bundling up, so I need my bedding to be cooling. While the Original pillow is not advertised as a cooling pillow—and has no technical features that convey it to be—I found it to be more than satisfactory in my hunt for cooling bedding. I never overheat with this model. The outer cover is also ultra-soft due to a blend of viscose rayon and polyester fabric. While I obviously use a pillow case, I often wish I could just sleep bare on the pillow, or find a case that’s exactly like its outer covering; it feels that good.

Coop pillows are crafted in the U.S. and they’re cruelty-free. The pillow is GREENGUARD certified with CertiPur-US certified foam, meaning it's made without heavy metals, ozone depleters, flame retardants, and other unsavory emissions. As a bonus, each pillow is also machine-washable, which helps reduce the bacteria buildup that often reduces a pillow’s longevity, and is backed by a five-year warranty. Free shipping, returns, and a 100-night sleep trial make it even easier to try out the Original.

If you’re as picky as I am, the Original pillow by Coop is a great value for a variety of sleepers. Its hybrid construction makes it likely to win you over—as does its adjustable nature. Wake up feeling rested after heading to Coop to buy the pillow for $72.

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