Over 14,000 Reviewers and Our Shopping Editors Say These Customizable Pillows Are the Key to Sleeping Soundly

“This pillow has changed my sleeping experience.”

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My favorite part of  the end of a long day is when I throw on a cozy pair of pajamas, turn out the lights, and climb into bed. It usually doesn’t take me too long to slip into a sound sleep, but it’s just as easy for me to slip back out of it and lie awake for hours. As someone who suffers from occasional insomnia, having an optimal bed situation—including the often-underestimated pillow—is crucial to good sleep health. 

Recently, a few of our editors (including this self-described insomniac) had the opportunity to test new pillows from Coop Home Goods’ Original collection, including The Original Cut-Out Pillow, The Original Crescent Pillow, and The Original—the brand’s best-selling OG option. Unlike typical pillows that come pre-stuffed with a set level of fullness from soft to extra firm, and which lose durability with every slumber, I was immediately intrigued by Coop’s fully-adjustable capabilities. 

Each pillow comes with a zippered dual-case system in which the inner layer is filled with the brand’s signature memory foam and microfiber fill combination, while the quilted outer is a machine-washable cover. As someone who’s found the perfect pillow search to be a bit of a Goldilocks wild-goose chase, the Coop pillow is now my ‘just right’ find. Each order not only comes with your preferred pillow, but with a sizable half-pound bag of the brand’s “Oomph!” fill, so you can choose the density of the cushioning beneath your head. 

The Original Cut-Out Pillow


Shop now: $89; coophomegoods.com.

I tested out The Original Cut-Out Pillow, which launched on March 1 and comes in a queen-sized 18-inches by 28-inches and king-sized 18-inches by 34-inches. Its rainbow cut-out shape was different from any pillow I’ve tried, but as a side-sleeper I was excited to discover the benefits of the design. During my first night of sleep, I found that my shoulder fit perfectly into the pillow’s curved nook, while the ends were comfortably huggable (something I’ve needed since my youth). The outer cover was so soft, I slept without a pillowcase to take full advantage of the design. Because I like my pillows a bit firmer, I added a few handfuls of extra fill, which gave me an ideal comfort level that seemed to form to my head and neck. 

I had never realized how essential a comfortable pillow is to sleep, but over the next few nights I found my entire body, and particularly my shoulders and neck, free from the typical aches. It allowed me the opportunity to rest, and while it didn’t cure my insomnia, it did help me sleep more peacefully. 

The Original Crescent Pillow


Shop now: $89; coophomegoods.com.

Our shopping writer Sarah recently tested the also-new Original Crescent Pillow, and found a similarly positive experience. This pillow boasts a cut-out design in a—you guessed it—crescent shape, which worked well for her as a side and back sleeper. “The pillow provided an equal balance of support and comfort, and I don’t have to flip it over to a cooler side thanks to its breathable case,” she reported. She also said her “head doesn’t sink to the bottom like it did with [her] old pillow,” and that it helps her “neck and shoulders relax.” Sarah opted not to use the extra fill, because “the pillow is just that perfect.”

The Original


Shop now: $72; coophomegoods.com.

Another editor, Ariel Scotti, tested the brand’s Original pillow, which has more than 14,000 five-star reviews. It comes in a standard rectangular pillow shape, along with the additional Oomph! fill. The original looks like a standard pillow at first, but everything from the supportive yet cloud-like filling—which is totally customizable—to the slightly oversized shape “creates an unparalleled sleep atmosphere,” she said. Ariel has dealt with bouts of sleeplessness since first being diagnosed with idiopathic insomnia back in high school, but she added that she’s “never fallen asleep faster” thanks to her new pillow. 

 Shoppers also raved about the Original pillow, with one saying “the pillow has changed my sleeping experience.” They said the “pillow is great” whether you sleep on your back or side. Another shopper who said they’re a side and back sleeper said it’s like “sleeping on a cloud.” They continued that they “used to wake up numerous times during the night,” but now they’re “getting the best night’s sleep” they’ve had in years.

If you’re like our shopping editors and reviewers who are looking for a more comfortable night’s sleep and a supportive pillow that adjusts to your needs, grab one of the Coop Home Goods Original Collection customizable pillows today, for a better sleep tonight. 

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