I Tried Cindy Crawford’s Hair Care Line That Targets Hair Aging—Here’s What I Thought

The 56-year-old tells Real Simple she wanted to develop something “that catered to all the hair concerns I was facing at once.”

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I recently had the honor of spending the afternoon with Cindy Crawford and her glam team during an intimate promotional day for her Meaningful Beauty brand. What initially launched as a skincare collection in 2004, expanded into an Age-Proof Hair System during June 2021. But with the pandemic still in full effect, relaunching a year-and-a-half later with a hands-on media day made the most sense. The pinch-me moment featured a full day of hair, makeup and, yes, a photo shoot with Ms. Crawford, herself! 

Incorporated into our photo-opp prep was the use of Meaningful Beauty products. When I tell you I ended up with voluminous hair for the books, I’m not kidding. That said, there’s a difference between how products perform when applied and styled professionally, versus by yourself at home. Because of the positive outcome on the day of the photoshoot, I was curious to try the hair system on my own. Crawford’s team kindly gifted each guest the full collection, and I couldn’t wait to put it to use.  

“There are hair care lines out there targeting specific concerns like thinning hair and damaged hair,” Crawford tells Real Simple. “But as I got older I couldn’t find something on the market that catered to all the hair concerns I was facing at once. Everyone tells you your skin will age and your hair will go gray, but no one tells you your hair will age!”

Enter: Meaningful Beauty, a system that incorporates proprietary melon leaf stem cell technology and melon super antioxidants. “Our target consumer is anyone experiencing six signs of aging hair, which we say are thinning, dullness, dehydration, breakage, dryness/brittleness, and lack of scalp health,” says Crawford.

As a consumer in my late ‘30s, I tested the collection—here are my thoughts on all five products.

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Meaningful Beauty Strengthening Shampoo

Meaningful Beauty Strengthening Shampoo

If you enjoy light, floral fragrance in your shampoo, you’ve come to the right place. Not overpowering in the slightest, I used this rich consistency to give myself back-to-back rinses before diving into the next step. Once complete, my hair felt squeaky clean—so much to the point I don’t think I would have been okay leaving it as is. I definitely felt the need for conditioner. 

“Like our skincare, the haircare is meant and best used as a system, so it’s important to use the shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatment together and consistently to see the best results,” Crawford says.

This shampoo was designed to enhance hair elasticity and resilience. It’s formulated with a plant-based alternative to keratin, and enforces its hero ingredient melon to provide antioxidants, which protect from environmental stressors. It also includes AHAs to help refresh the scalp. 

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Meaningful Beauty Smooth & Shiny Conditioner

Meaningful Beauty Smooth & Shiny Conditioner

This luxe conditioning formula feels silky and decadent, unlike your typical conditioner, which is usually thick and white. I almost did a double-take to make sure I wasn’t using the shampoo all over again, but despite similar consistencies (and that delicious light floral aroma), they’re actually quite different. The product contains a natural silk protein designed to double the shine, while Amaranth extract allows for wet hair detangling (which is typically discouraged). I slathered on the goodness and easily combed on through.  

When it comes to her own hair maintenance, Crawford says she uses her beloved conditioner “as a hair mask to give my hair some extra TLC.” In addition to versatile use of the product, she keeps her hair healthy by air drying as much as she can, while sleeping with her hair lightly pinned-up on a silk pillowcase and avoiding over-brushing. 

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Meaningful Beauty Restorative Scalp Treatment

Meaningful Beauty Restorative Scalp Treatment

If there’s anything we’ve learned about our hair in the last two years, it’s the importance of scalp care. The scalp is a form of skin and should be tended to as such. I was happy that a daily scalp spritz was included in Crawford’s system. It’s packaged with a precise nozzle and ergonomic pump, making it extremely easy to spray in all the right areas as needed. Formulated with melon leaf, vitamin E, castor oil, peptides, a plant-based alternative to keratin, and a natural wheat protein, the powerful product is designed to revive, volumize, and protect. This in turn promotes growth and overall hair health.

And fun fact: This is Crawford’s can’t-leave-home-without pick. “I love all the products in the line, but the real star is the Restorative Scalp Treatment,” she says. “I use it every day and love how it refreshes my scalp while providing volume.”  

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Meaningful Beauty Styling and Protecting Spray

Meaningful Beauty Styling and Protecting Spray

When I reached this point in the hair trial, I knew it would be a definitive moment. While my hair felt soft and clean while wet and thoroughly combed through, it would all come down to the drying and styling. I spritzed the 4-in-1 primer generously onto my strands and grabbed my heated styling brush. While I did recently complete an at-home keratin treatment that’s made a noticeable difference in my hair’s manageability, I’ll say I was instantly impressed with this spray by how much quicker my hair dried and how sleek my strands fell into place. The heated styling brush is hit or miss for me. Sometimes it gives me blowout-like locks, and other times my hair still looks frizzy and is tough to tame. I capped off the styling with some very minor passes of my flat iron, and my hair was instantly stick-straight. 

In fact, Crawford’s decades-long personal hairstylist Richard Marin calls this his favorite product because of its ability to protect the hair when using hot tools. “Try using this spray on your wet or dry hair before using a blow dryer or curling iron for ultimate shine and frizz-reducing magic,” he says, adding that it’s especially effective for restyling touch-ups on dry hair. “Just spray, brush through, and use a blow dryer to set it in and refresh the look. If you’re a big curling or straightening iron user, this single product is a game changer in protecting your hair from heat damage.” And Crawford agrees this is her go-to on no-wash days!

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Meaningful Beauty Root Touch Up

Meaningful Beauty Root Touch Up

Now that the styling was complete, only one step remained: touching up the roots. This product is absolutely perfect for someone like me. I have sparse grays that need some coverage, but I don’t have a full head of them. Additionally, I have some minor hairline areas that could use some filling in, but it’s nothing major. This product goes on smoothly without leaving a mess. It’s easy to apply, and as Marin personally demonstrated in my video from the photo shoot day, you’ll want to flick the powder with the brush after each application. I’ve been keeping this with me on the go for cute photo opps when I look at the image and realize I need to cover-up a strand or two. It’s super easy to transport around, and it comes with a built-in mirror so you can apply from anywhere.

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