This New Wallpaper Line Is 'Drop-Everything-and-Redecorate' Gorgeous

Designer David Quarles IV worked with Chasing Paper to create this line of patterned wallpapers as a tribute to the women in his family.

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David Quarles IV and his Chasing Paper wallpaper collection in kitchen

Chasing Paper

Are your walls looking a little boring? Do they need a little color? A pop of pattern? Just a touch of whimsy? Then you’re going to love Chasing Paper’s new wallpaper collab with Memphis-based interior designer, jewelry designer, and content creator David Quarles IV. “For myself and consumers alike, I want this collection to be a colorful and [whimsical] introduction into living life as we want, according to our purpose and joy!” he says. “Each pattern has as much color as they do personality. And whether you are creating a feature wall or cladding the whole room, there is something that fits the taste and aesthetic of everyone who witnesses the collection.” 

Available in both traditional and peel-and-stick, these retro-inspired wallpapers appeal to both homeowners and renters, with each print available in a variety of colorways. 

Made of commercial-grade vinyl, this marks the first time Chasing Paper has offered wallpaper that functions like a performance grasscloth wallpaper. “We felt David’s collection was the perfect moment to introduce grasscloth textured wallpaper. His vibrant point of view pairs beautifully with the rich texture,” says Elizabeth Rees, founder of Chasing Paper. 

The Legacy Collection was inspired by the women in Quarles’ family—and each pattern is a tribute to their personalities and impact on the designer. “The names Ruth and Mollie were my maternal grandmother and great-grandmother, Lucille is my (living) grandmother, and Rosie was the aunt responsible for her upbringing. Each name in the collection speaks to their pivotal roles of setting the foundation for a creative kaleidoscope of my family's history,” explains Quarles IV.

Here’s a look at each pattern in this incredible collection. 

Chasing Paper Leaf-Pattern Wallpaper in beige color next to wooden bed

Anna Spaller / Chasing Paper

Conversations With Rosie

Conversations With Rosie is retro-inspired yet has a bit of a contemporary vibe. Plant lovers will particularly feel a connection to this design. Quarles IV reveals, “Rosie would often share her love for plants by gifting them to family members as they visited. She also had the power of healing through words, and would often be who family members went to for advice or a simple listening ear.”

Choose from three colorways: Oats, Cayenne Pepper, and Kale.

Chasing Paper Wallpaper design in bedroom, blue and green design

Anna Spaller / Chasing Paper


One part regal, one part fun, Lucille is a ponderosa pine print available in Sea Grass, Iron, Flamingo, Citron, and Chartreuse hues. “Her power is love, and she shows it through stories, flowers, and color. Simply hearing her name, you know who she is and what she stands for,” says the designer.

While this print would look beautiful in any room of the home, it’s a particularly good choice for a bedroom or a smaller space, such as a powder room or mudroom. 

Chasing Paper floral pattern wallpaper in kitchen with zellige tile

Anna Spaller / Chasing Paper

Ruth’s Garden

Looking for a print that delivers a huge dose of style? The search ends at Ruth’s Garden. The unique thing about this design is that each color option, whether its Azure, Midnight, Rose, or Violet, is entirely distinct. And no, you can’t make a wrong decision here. Whether Ruth’s Garden is installed in a kitchen, bathroom, or dining room, it’s guaranteed to make the mood more cheerful. 

Chasing Paper, modern Ankara disc pattern wallpaper in vibrant colors with disco balls on bar cart

Anna Spaller / Chasing Paper

A Song for Mollie

Available in Disco Purple, Jazz and Spice, and Soulful Sunrise, A Song for Mollie is an interpretation of a classic Ankara disc pattern. With a '70s aesthetic, it has a cool-yet-chic look that turns any room from basic to wow instantly. 

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