I’m a Target-Obsessed Shopping Writer, and This Is the Bed Pillow You Need to Know About

It’s the best I’ve found as a stomach sleeper.

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Machine Washable Medium Down Alternative Pillow - Casaluna


Although I would never describe myself as a finicky sleeper, I definitely have rituals I like to follow and items I have to have on hand in order to get a great night’s rest. I grab a bottle of water before I go to bed, I typically top my quilt with an extra blanket, and I always turn on my fan for extra airflow and white noise. Plus, I sleep better when I’m able to lay my head on my favorite pillow that you can snag at Target. 

Last year, I decided it was high time to replace my bed pillows. As someone who is a stomach sleeper (much to the dismay of past physical therapists), it can feel like a tall order to find a pillow that elevates my head without causing my neck to remain in an arch that’s sure to leave me with a knot for days after. But my hope was restored when I found the Casaluna Medium Down Alternative Pillow

Machine Washable Medium Down Alternative Pillow - Casaluna™


To buy: $25; target.com.

The Casaluna pillow is hypoallergenic and offers a “light and airy feel,” according to the brand: I’ve also found that’s the most accurate way to describe how the pillow feels. Plus, as someone who doesn’t sleep well on a firm pillow, this one definitely lives up to its “medium density” claim for “sink in comfort.” And I’m not the only one who’s a fan; Target shoppers speak highly of the pillow, too.   

“It’s fluffy but gives good support—like sleeping on a cloud,” wrote a five-star reviewer. Another shopper who said the pillow is “great for side and back sleeping” also added that it has a “perfect amount of support with the luxurious feel of a very high-end pillow.” 

The pillow is machine-washable (something else that drew me to it) with a 100 percent cotton exterior for breathable comfort. Even though the Casaluna pillow is more expensive than other options at Target, it’s held up wonderfully and feels the same as it did the day it arrived—so it’s more than worth its $25 price tag. 

If you’re a fellow stomach (or back) sleeper looking for an ideal softer pillow solution that won’t leave you with an ache in your neck or back, I highly recommend the Casaluna pillow. It has revitalized my faith in pillows that are comfortable and leave me feeling as though I’ve had a great night’s rest, and I know I’ll repurchase this $25 hidden gem again and again.

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