I Didn’t Think I Could Pull Off a Jumpsuit Until I Met This Flattering, Super-Soft Onesie

It’s ideal for layering, too.

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V-Neck Jumpsuit in Melt

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When scrolling through the dozens of influencers and “get ready with me” videos that populate my Instagram feed everyday, one trend kept reappearing—and I was skeptical of it: the jumpsuit. As a tall girl, I’ve learned to keep my distance from the one-and-done piece. I doubted they were ever long enough, and they were just a bit too skin-tight for my taste while running errands or lounging around the house. Frankly, jumpsuits didn’t look more comfortable than my leggings. And then I met the Carbon38 V-Neck Jumpsuit in Melt.

Yes, it was advertised as a “second-skin,” with compressive qualities—not exactly my first choice for the reasons stated above. But most intriguingly, I’d just moved to a ski town for the winter, and Carbon38 advertised how helpful its jumpsuit was for layering. The Melt line would be buttery soft against my skin (now confirmed!) and I wouldn’t have to struggle with making sure all my layers laid flat in the way they were supposed to. There’s little I hate more than trying to align my sleeves or pants so one layer is not constantly riding up.

V-Neck Jumpsuit in Melt


To buy: $148; carbon38.com.

So I tried it, taking advantage of the brand’s offer to send a sample to see if I could push the boundaries of my wardrobe. The Carbon 38 V-Neck Jumpsuit in Melt is available in black, olive, navy blazer, and evening blue. I chose black, because I don’t really switch up the colors of my base layer leggings.

When the jumpsuit arrived, I was actually a little nervous. I hate clothing waste, and worried that I’d dislike it and donate it immediately. Instead, I slipped it on, layering it with a cable-knit sweater also from the brand, working from home in the getup until it was time to head to town for some errands. It felt like I was in my pajamas, but I felt more put-together, which was a good hack for days when I wanted to be comfy but needed to wear “real clothes” in order to be productive. And man, I felt trendy.

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The best part of this jumpsuit—despite its super-soft feel and easy, flattering fit—was that it shocked me with its versatility. I could slip it on under jeans and a top for a warmer ‘fit when the temperatures drop. I could even wear it skiing if I wanted to! When I found myself in a situation where I’d over bundled, I could strip down just to this and be comfortable. And yes, I slept in it once or twice. The V-neck was subtle enough to be alluring, but not enough where I’d feel uncomfortable wearing it in more reserved settings. I could work out in it. Frankly, I just felt so good and confident in it that it’s now my go-to item.

I knew Carbon38 as a luxury line of activewear, and was hesitant about the pricing, but ultimately decided that $148 was fair for what is essentially both good-quality leggings and a top. Over time and wear, the jumpsuit has shown no signs of pilling, scratching, or similar. I wash it cold and hang it to dry.

The V-Neck Jumpsuit in Melt definitely proved me wrong in my assumptions. I want to wear it everywhere, and it might just be a gateway to me trying more one-pieces for errands, exercise, play, and more. Try out this super comfy jumpsuit for yourself now at Carbon38.

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