Caraway’s Annual Sale Includes the Beautiful Food Storage Set That Helped Me Ditch All My Mismatched Pieces

And it’s keeping my leftovers fresher longer than ever before.

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Caraway Food Storage Set


Like most people who have been sent home with leftovers, ordered takeout, or made a habit out of cooking too much food, I’ve acquired quite the mismatched collection of food containers. Over the years, several of them have become stained beyond washing or partially melted from close calls with hot burners and, realistically, most should be tossed into the recycling bin. If you’re like me, and have a similar collection that you’re unreasonably attached to, we’ve got great news: The recently launched, beautiful, and deliciously efficient Food Storage Set from Caraway is on sale for Cyber Monday. 

Not to be dramatic, but these containers have changed my life for the better. For one, I’m no longer harboring anxiety in the back of my mind that my containers are leaching microplastics into my food, thanks to the brand’s non-toxic glass and ceramic design. And after purging my kitchen of all those ugly, half-broken pieces, my highly organized and extremely aesthetically pleasing food storage shelf actually makes me look forward to packing up my household’s leftovers—and reaching for them in the fridge puts a smile on my face. Plus, these containers are completely nonstick and they can be frozen, microwaved, heated in the oven, and tossed into the dishwasher. Easy peasy. 

Typically, the containers sell for a pricey $305, but Caraway's sitewide sale knocks that down to a more palatable $245 this week. I won’t pretend this isn’t steep for food storage containers, but after using them for a few weeks, it’s obvious these were made to last, and the quality is truly unmatched. 

Food Storage Set


To buy: $245 (was $305);

The bundle comes with 14 total pieces: five glass and ceramic containers (one large, two medium, two small), four inserts for sauces, dips, and dressings, three storage cubes to keep everything tidy, and two container straps to reinforce the strength of each container’s lid. And they’re available in six colors that match the brand’s coveted cookware and baking pieces.

Caraway enthusiasts love the storage set, too. One shopper said they’re “so happy with this product” and that they would recommend it to “anyone who wants their leftovers to taste like they were just made.” They added that the lids seal very tightly, too. Another said that they’re “very well crafted,” and a third person shared they “absolutely love” the storage system the containers come with. 

Give yourself (or someone extremely special) the gift of the Caraway Food Storage Set and instantly upgrade your leftover game. Just be sure to order the set while it’s still on sale this week for Cyber Monday.

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