5 Must-Try Cake Decorating Trends on TikTok

These taste as good as they look!

TikTok cake decorating trend, stenciled cake with white and yellow frosting

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What's better than a delicious slice of cake? One that’s beautifully decorated. Whether you’re an experienced home baker or considering cakes for an upcoming wedding, bridal shower, or birthday—there’s no shortage of cake decorating inspiration on TikTok.  

From simple ways to elevate any cake to a budget-saving cake hack—here are five of the best cake-decorating trends on TikTok right now.

Sugar Flowers

With 34 million views and counting for #sugarflowers, there’s no denying this trend is here to stay. Not only do sugar flowers instantly give a plain frosted cake a true wow factor, but they’re also easy to work with. Even young children can help decorate a cake using sugar flowers. 

However, making your own sugar flowers is an incredible amount of work. Even experienced cake decorators may find this DIY to be too difficult, no matter how easy the above video makes it look. 

Fortunately, you can just buy pre-made sugar flowers from Wholesale Sugar Flowers, which has an array of beautiful choices from roses to French tulips and realistic-looking orchids. Pre-made sugar flowers are a great timesaver.

Dummy Cakes

On TikTok, #dummycake has 30.4 million views. The reason: they're a smart idea for anyone who wants the look of a grand cake on a budget. Made of styrofoam or plastic, one section of the dummy cake is cut and real cake is added, so it can be sliced for photos. The entire cake is decorated, so it's impossible to tell where the fake cake ends and where the real one begins. 

Dummy cakes are also something that can be DIY-ed, although it might take a few tries for beginners to get them just right. 

Ombre Cakes

Whether you're celebrating a baby shower or birthday or just want a fun afternoon project—ombre cakes are simple and easy to decorate. They're also far more interesting than just one color of frosting alone. It’s easy to understand why #ombrecake has more than 20 million views.

In this tutorial, the creator applies three shades of purple frosting on the cake, dark to light. She says not to worry about making each layer even because uneven ombre gives the cake dimension. Then she uses an angled spatula to make waves and blend the buttercream colors, creating a beautiful ombre effect. 

Cartoon Cakes

With 203.7 million views for #cartooncake, this has become one of the biggest cake trends on the platform. With a fun, retro aesthetic, these cakes look as if they’re hand-drawn from a comic book

In this tutorial, the creator uses dark fondant to outline all elements and layers. Cartoon cakes are also a great reason to use vibrantly hued frosting or design the cake with color combinations that aren't typically used together. 

Stenciled Cakes

Want your cake to impress? There’s no easier or faster way than to make a stenciled cake. Although #stenciledcake has more than 51 million views, this look is surely going to be more than just a fleeting fad.

To try this trend, wrap a plastic or silicone stencil around the cake, frost, smooth, and remove. There are seemingly endless options available from botanical designs to drips to bold geometric shapes. 

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