This Instagram-Favorite Travel Brand Just Dropped Its Biggest Launch Ever, and Picks Start at Just $14

Summer vacations just got easier.

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Keep Your Cadence

I’m an avid traveler and move frequently, but my job as a professional product reviewer means I’ve become rather attached to products in my skin, hair, and wellness routines that don’t pack easily into a carry-on. At least not without getting messy. But over the past few years, one brand has appeared time and time again, hailed by shoppers for its convenient capsule system that seemingly eradicated the endless frustrations of getting our beauty products through security screenings: Cadence

This travel-ready modular system consists of reusable, magnetic, leakproof containers made from recycled ocean plastic, available in an attractive array of colors. They’re customizable to any traveler, allowing you to to organize and take shampoo and conditioner, vitamins, sunscreen, jewelry, liquids, food spices, and makeup (or anything else you’d like packed neatly!) on the go. The capsules snap together easily and aesthetically to delight both you and the TSA, allowing you to cram all your products into a formation that takes up less space than a paperback in your suitcase. For reference, it looks like a honeycomb when you combine the hexagonal containers. And today, Cadence announced its biggest launch ever, appeasing shoppers’ desire for size and volume flexibility with its new Capsule Flex System, which includes a new range of styles for your most convenient packing yet. Previously, the capsules were only available in one size, the brand’s smallest (currently the Small Flex Capsule.)

Build A system

Keep Your Cadence

To buy: From $98;

The new airtight Cadence capsules are available in four sizes starting from just $14 apiece: Small, Medium, Large, and Extender. What’s Extender, you ask? Well, it allows you to convert your existing Cadence capsule into a bigger size, as well as to plan for longer trips or stays. Between the variant sizing and the extension capability, this launch ensures that you can go as big or small with your Cadence system as you’d like, ushering in new frontiers of modular organization. The capsules are available in the brand’s signature colors: charcoal, terracotta, lavender, light pink, sand, blue, green, and mustard. Mix and match, or go monochrome—these canisters look sleek either way.

Cadence has sold more than 1.5 million capsules made with diverted ocean-bound plastic, which comes as no surprise. I’ve only been using the Cadence system for a few months and I’m obsessed with how much less chaotic my toiletries bag looks, feels, and packs down, allowing me to optimize the rest of my suitcase space (without worrying about any leaks.) Founder Steph Hon said she initially developed Cadence because she was chasing that “zero-inbox, ‘everything shower’, clean sheets, clear skin, feeling of control wherever you go,” and that characterization definitely feels accurate to the accomplishment and organization that the system provides. Perhaps best of all, the capsules are both FDA and TSA-approved.

The Extender

Keep Your Cadence

To buy: $14;

Since I’m sick and tired of trying to stuff all my toiletries into my limited bathroom and medicine cabinet real estate, I may just start decanting into the Cadence system whenever possible. Similarly, the Cadence Flex System will appeal to shoppers who appreciate zero-waste shopping for products like toiletries and herbs, as you only ever have to buy each capsule once.

These simple, effective, and yes, stylish capsules are a win whether you’re a traveler, spring cleaner, or just an everyday shopper. Shop the new sizes starting at just $14 at Cadence.

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